Prints of Peace
Giving Church the finger…it’s A-Okay!!!

You know, I’m left to wonder what’s next?  1-800-Dial-a-Confession?

A Catholic priest in Poland will fingerprint students to monitor their mass attendance.  A local paper reports the reason behind the high tech roll taking is to lighten burden of counting young parishioners.

If students show up for 200 masses over a period of three years, the kids are off the hook for a written Confirmation exam.

Doing the math…that’s every Sunday plus about 50 more services.  That’s a lot of church!!!!

The students are all for it since it means one less test in their lives.  And the padre won’t have to physically give his signature hundreds and hundreds of times to confirmation-seeking students.

Ahhh, nothing like technology to inject a dose of the impersonal.

Poland is a devoutly Catholic nation where churches are frequently packed.

Can’t believe I got through this without one dirty priest remark.  Go me!


19 thoughts on “Prints of Peace

  1. so the church is now using the same p.r. firm as subway? when i get 10 punches on my little subway card, i get a free sub. only 200 masses, and you get a free confirmation? i wonder if you have to buy a large drink and chips with that.

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