I’m steeped in taxes! So, this is all I got. Taxes suck out all the cheer in the world. Cute kids put the happiness back in.


9 thoughts on “3 Year Old Explains Star Wars

  1. i would watch that little girl before i’d watch any movie critic on tv. i had seen the hey jude video quite a while ago, but i loved seeing it again. i love how he leans into the microphone when he’s just nodding his head and not singing anything. he’s so adorable!

    • They’re so cute. Robots at the garage sales. 🙂

      My daughter showed me these last night. I think this little guy is my all time favorite:

      • he’s adorable, but now i’m worried. why give a child that small a cone with chopped nuts on the top? he could choke on one of the nuts. don’t the parents know better than that?

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