Omg, This Did Not Happen.

No, no, no!!!!  This did not happen!

A woman is suing a hospital in Oregon for failing to disinfect her ass probe!!!!!!



St. Charles Medical Center had to notify patients that the machine used to clean a colonoscope FAILED to go through the entire disinfection process.

…in BEND fucking Oregon, no less!!  Heretofore known as: the city of irony.

The thoroughly grossed-out Jennifer Coughlin learned that four people previously used the same dirty butt probe that was stuck up her.


Coughlin is forced to undergo STD and AIDS testing.  She’s asking for $250,000 in emotional damages, and $20,000 for past and future medical expenses.

A small price.

Eighteen patients in all were affected.


15 thoughts on “Cartman Gets A Used Anal Probe

  1. This is kind of hilarious because it wasn’t me (Jen Coughlin) who got the dirty probe….I’m the attorney who represented four women who were victims of this hospital neglect in bend oregon. Wasn’t me, but really horrible and gross nonetheless! We settled all four cases against the hospital.

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