King of Pigs Feet
Free Photo Editor

Some poor pig is walking around with only three feet because some jerk thinks he’s funny.

The Huffington Post apparently thinks this story is of mafia godfather proportions.  The headline reads, “Peter King Gets Severed Pig’s Foot Mailed to Office.”  Severed is sensationalized, isn’t it?  If the foot wasn’t severed, King would have been sent an entire pig.

A super secret source explains what he saw,

There’s blood, there’s the severed foot. The message refers to Mohammed, and it says all babies in America would be named Mohammed.  It also says, ‘Kiss my black Muslim ass.'”

This is really fucking funny.

I’m a little skeptical about Muslim’s messing with pork, but maybe he’s a recent convert.

23 thoughts on “This is not how Rep. King likes his pork.

  1. Wow – severed is the word of the day? Okay – for breakfast I had some severed pig (sausages) on severed wheat (biscuits). Dinner was severed cow (meatloaf) with severed corn. I drink severed leaves (tea). I used a severed tree (hoe w/ wooden handle) to clean out my drainage ditches.
    And isn’t a Muslim sending pig parts kinda like a vegan throwing ground beef at somebody?
    Or am I just punchy from too much ditch-digging in the rain? 😀

  2. Wonder what reaction he would have if he recieved a body part mailed to him by that child murderer/mutilator than Ayn Rand worshiped as “the highest form of man”.

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