Because conservative, lazy morons hate to study and are rewarded by fellow morons for sacrificing their IQs to the god of mean-ass, yet slavish, religious retards, civilization proudly brings you:

Jodie Brunstetter.

Jodie is the wife of North Carolina Senator Peter Brunstetter who wrote an Anti-Gay Marriage amendment…

….because that’s the only way the senator can buttfuck gay people without pulling his pants down.

But Jodie says there are more important reasons for the hate legislation:

“The reason my husband wrote Amendment 1 was because the Caucasian race is diminishing and we need to uh, reproduce.”  Source.

*facepalm*  So, in Jodie-pops-a-valium-every-3-hours Land, gay people will start madly fucking the opposite sex once her husband’s legislation becomes law.

I hope this bitch didn’t have children because if she’s sterile, Nature fucking knew what it was doing and ironically she gets her wish–the race of Caucasians is improved.

10 thoughts on “Jodie Brunstetter’s Race to the Shallow End of the Gene Pool

  1. Sweety, I’ve taken Valium AND Vicodin together, and there is NO way you can get that dumb from them. That is “family tree don’t branch very much” dumb! 😀

  2. I hope the reporter she was talking to thought to ask her “Why?” Then maybe we can get one of the Human Genome researchers to explain to her that there’s isn’t genetic diversity in humans to have more than one race. This Caucasian gives white people a bad name 🙂


  3. As a native North Carolinian who voted against Amendment 1, I am deeply disappointed. Before y’all cue the dueling banjos, let me just point out a few things: my state’s governor is a woman and Democrat; we have a long history of what some would call political schizophrenia, electing progressive candidates for some offices in the same election we elect conservative candidates for others. Even as outside money poured into the state to help the likes of Jesse Helms continue to get elected, we were also sending folks like Terry Sanford and Sam Ervin to the nation’s capital to represent us.

    We have Ph.Ds throughout the state, and not just in the Research Triangle, though, undoubtedly, there are a few “throwbacks” in that area of my state as well. NC became the 30th state to codify discrimination in its Constitution, so, evidently, there are a few “throwbacks” everywhere.

    I am not unique in my state, which means you haven’t heard the last word on Amendment 1. Sorry if this comment seems defensive, but I will not be painted with the same brush as this woman (not that anyone here necessarily intended to do that, but I’m on a roll). I can’t deny we have our fair share of bigots, but we have our fair share of progressive and fair-minded people too, and, by the way, I just want to gently suggest holding a PhD doesn’t necessarily guarantee one is either of those things, just like not holding a PhD doesn’t automatically confer one with the title of backwoods idiot. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

    Writechic, after a hiatus, I am back (but I ain’t necessarily happy about it – you were supposed to fix everything whilst I was away). 😉

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