Bigot Fest 2009
ht Keith Olbermann

Larry Ford is multitasking.  He’s exercising his Freedom O’ Speech and the Crisis in Education with just one little bitty ol’ sign.

Okay, read it with me:

“January 20, 2009, A Day of Darkness, Hussen”

Hussen?  Is this a verb or adjective to Hussy?  Like whore to whorin’ maybe?

No, sillies.  Hussein.


President Barack Obama’s middle name, duh.

Larry Ford is expressing his feelings about the election of Obama.

And yes, incidentally, that confederate flag in the background is his.

Florida’s Okaloosa County Sheriff has done been by to make sure the sign idn’t inciting “something.”


And Ford isn’t at all worried about his little ol’ misspelling:

I think everybody knows who I’m talking about, don’t you?”  American people are the stupidest people in the world, but something like that I think they can figure out.”

Uh! That’s not very patriotic.

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