Edgar Allen Poe as scribbled and hacked by WriteChicMost of us are exposed to the work of Edgar Allan Poe in the American Education system.

Thank God!

It takes a special intensity to return to him after the school assignments are over.

As a kid, he was a good place for me to go when I wanted to feel dread.   In fact, my mother used to scare the hell out of me before bedtime with Poe.  But don’t misjudge her.  I begged her to.

🙂 Yes, I was a twisted, little girl.

Anyway, I sketched this the other night because I don’t get enough time to draw, and I actually have about an hour to kill before bedtime these days.

I’ve been frightened and dazzled by The Pit and the Pendulum, Annabelle Lee, The Tell Tale-Heart,  and The Raven.  Drawing Poe is a similiar experience.  He looks so sickly, and sure he has a reputation with drugs and booze.  His life and his work scream “haunted.”

And his face has no symmetry whatsoever.  The asymmetry on most faces is barely discernible.  You have to look for it.    Poe is gaunt and puffy, sagging and tight, alert and exhausted.

I wouldn’t want the inner conflicts and outer challenges that would wear my face in such a way.   It looks too hard.

10 thoughts on “Poe Folks

  1. Poe is my all time favorite author. Just like you, as a child, I loved reading his works. TP&TP is an intense thriller.
    Very nice.

    • Surprise! 🙂 I took some pictures of my youngsters today so I could draw them next. They’re turning into little men, and I have to sketch them before the boyishness leaves their faces.

      My mom also made me watch Night Gallery and Twighlight Zone with her. Now THOSE terrified me. 😉

  2. I remember you and Mel talking about those shows.
    So far as Poe;
    “…Of my own thoughts it is folly to speak….” The Black Cat
    One of my favorites.

  3. What an amazing drawing! It’s mesmerizing.

    Asymmetry in faces is a daily part of my work as an eyecare professional. Check out ole Brian Williams on the NBC nightly news. He looks like two different faces stuck together down the mid-line.

    Lastly, my fave from Poe was Murders on the Rue Morgue. I’m told it launched the detective genre. A terrific poet, to boot.

    • Thank you, Mike!

      Very true on Brian Willliams’ face. I’ve taken a picture with him before, and the asymmetry is the thing I always look at. His chin heads one direction, his nose the other. Yet it works for him. 🙂

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