How racists get their kicks.

How racists get their kicks.

Are these buggers ever gonna learn???

I started to write a bit on this “joke” circulated by a legislative aid to Sen. Diane Black of Tennessee, and my 11 year old brother and 10 year old nephew walked in and were APPALLED by the image.

I decided to extract some wisdom from the youngsters and ask them what they think about the picture:

It’s stupid!  Seriously!”

“What in the world are they thinking?”

“Barack Obama is a good President!”

“Why do they hate?”

“People are all equal, black, white, brown, and mixed!”

“How can you hate Obama?”

“Why do people still treat African-Americans as unequal?”

–Andy and Sintrez


9 thoughts on “GOP Comedy FAIL!!!!

  1. They missed it on this count:

    “Barack Obama is a good President!”

    Barack Obama is far from a good president, but his color has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with that fact.

    What Barack Obama is good at is lying. He is a great liar.

  2. I’ve written about this on my blog often for almost two years. Each time I always have someone call me racist for explaining the truth to them. I’ve basically given up on many of these people, because I don’t think they want to address the issue with any amount of honesty.

    No matter what you do, no matter how good you are, someone will always try to say you’re less than, because of your race. This is something that was told to me as a young (black) kid. I’ve worked to make it untrue, but I’m periodically proven wrong by people like this latest Republican Congresswoman.

  3. America is full of people who are wonderful in so many ways and also full of the nastiest, most dangerous nut cases that exist – and they happen to be in power. Go figure.

  4. The amazing thing is that she’s just terribly sorry about who she sent it to and has no idea that the problem is that she’d find it remotely funny at all.

    • Totally true, Zen. She was not sorry for content. She was sorry for sending it to the wrong people.


  5. Just when Republicans thought it was safe again to contemplate taking the paper brown bags off our faces and be proud of what our party should begin to stand for, another embarrassing example of how best to continue to alienate others, and-in so doing–further alienate the party from the mainstream rears its ugly head. Good grief, Charlie Brown…

    Happy Friday, Melissa. Good to see Tim Valentine as well. You guys have a terrific weekend.

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