Hamming it up with my sketch

Aw, yeah.  That’s me posing with a sketch of mine published November 2009 in Snyd & Bedrag: Verdens Største Svindlere og Fupnumre.  In English, it’s translated Hoax & Deception:  the Wide World of Chisels and Cheats.  (The book just came in the mail.)  I drew the sketch in June 2009 along with a series of others just to test what I could do in 30 minutes.  I gave myself a time limit because I can work on a piece for years and either not be satisfied or leave it unfinished.  I posted the image and wrote about the experience.

A short time later I was contacted by a Danish author, Kasper Nielsen, who asked if he could use the sketch to illustrate Edgar Allan Poe’s investigation of a mechanical chess game called the Turk.  The game defeated both Benjamin Franklin and Napolean Bonaparte.  Many suspected the machine to be a hoax operated by a hidden chess master.  However, the scam wasn’t exposed until the 1820’s.

At any rate, the kids think I’m all that for the day.

13 thoughts on “Little Edgar All Grown Up and Gone to Publisher

  1. It’s personally amusing to me that an off the cuff, 30-minute sketch is featured in a book entitled “Hoax and Deception”. Do you get to tack “internationally renowned book illustrator” onto your name now? 🙂


    (BTW, I thought “Snyd” meant “cut” like in cutting cloth or hide for clothes?)

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