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Good God, leave it to Fox News to let Steve Doocy do the job of someone with a brain.

Dildoschneider: The issue really is why (phlegm hack) why are so many people piling on at this point?

Um, I don’t know, unprecedented vileness and illegal activity by a


major news organization????

Making a murder victim’s parents believe their child might still be alive?

Dildoschneider goes on to equate the perpetrating News Corps hacks to companies that were the victims of hacking Citigroup, American Express, and Bank of America.

No shame whatsoever.

Douchey: This happened a long time ago, at a tabloid, IN LONDON, somebody did something really bad, and the company reacted.  They closed that newspaper.  All those people got fired even though 99% of ’em absolutely had nothing to do with it.

I deserve cookies for transcribing this idiot.

Dildoschneider again equates Citigroup hacked into with News Corp hacking and laments how unfairly Murdoch is bring treated. America should move on…even though News Corp is being investigated by the DoJ for hacking 911 victims’ families.

Because it’s 1984.

And Douchey wants to know why China hacking the Pentagon isn’t a big story.  And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Okay, I have to stop.

Transcribing Steve Douchey gives me suicidal ideations.


26 thoughts on “OMG, Rupert Murdoch’s Chin-Neck Thing Looks Like an Empty Scrotum

  1. Media should be independant nonprofit organizations. Rupert Murdoch is the best explanation why.

    There are ethical concerns raised about several media barons, about how their business interests influence the media they own.

    And, once in a while, one of them, like Canadian Conrad Black, goes in prison…

    And let’s conclude with a tribute to the resignation of Rebekah Brooks:

  2. Loosey, goosey Doocy is a fucking moron. How can he mention those other hackings, which was computer hacks, not voice mail.

    How can anyone with a sane mind watch Fox ‘fuck up the News?

  3. You don’t deserve cookies for transcribing that. You deserve an 18-wheeler full of Purell, another full of scotch (or your favourite alcohol), and about a half-dozen of my Vicodin. You won’t completely forget what you had to write, but you honestly won’t give a hoot! 😀

  4. douchey wants to know why the other stories aren’t being covered? ummm, where does he work? why wasn’t he covering that shit? oh, i forgot, he was too busy worrying about the demise of the incandescent bulb.

    uncle rupie must be using the same p.r. firm as bp, because he just keeps making it worse and worse.

  5. Set your auto-timers on the popcorn machine for Tuesday morning (UK) and tune to live coverage on Current TV with Keith commenting. I was hoping this day would come!

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