America Loves Inbreds
Map Source

Doesn’t everyone think of their own cousins and think: ewwwwwwwwww!

But you see the states that view family reunions as old school Match.com.  


God!  Gross!

Michelle Bachmann finds herself in six types of shit piles this week.  She sounds like a malfunctioning robot dodging questions about her and her husband’s business which involves mentally fucking up gay people.

The ol’ pray-away-the-gay, Dudes-like-boobs, Chicks-like-dicks brainwashing scheme.

Apparently, she has lied and said she and her husband don’t do this “therapy”…

Cult voodoo

…that can make gay people suicidal.



35 thoughts on “America Mostly Down with the Inbreds…

      • No — the lowest is being gay, and making money off of “ungaying” people, and being married to a dried piece of squelch who makes a hobby out of fucking up people’s lives when she doesn’t have to.

        Hell, if all he was doing was calling kids barbarians, I’d probably buy him a beer, because they all look like Attilla to me anyways.

        • You’re right. Financially exploiting the lie/delusion is worse. I just couldn’t get past the barbarian accusation because the dignity of my kids’ gay kids who are infinitely more humane and decent than the Bachmanns.

  1. So basically, in Delaware, New Jersey, and Vermont, any thing goes? (Hey, I’m just reading the maps! 😉 )
    I heard a story from my wife, there was a hotel in New York that was about to close due to lack of business. Then NY approved gay marriage. Now the hotel is booked solid for something like the next 6 to 8 months. Yep – permitting homosexual marriages is just destroying New York!
    I think Jeff Foxworthy worded it as “if you go to family reunions to meet women…..”. We just call it a family tree that doesn’t fork. 😀

  2. Michelle Bachman doesn’t need to worry about equating gay people with barbarians. She needs to worry about people equating gay people with her husband. Dr. Marcus Bachmann has the most noticible DSL’s I’ve ever seen. I had never heard her husbands voice before, but Guuuurrrrl, My TV was so close to the wall that wall that the mans voice nearly set my drapes on fire.

  3. Really i dont see why people that have the same genes wanna sit their and have sex while they are related and make a baby that will look diformed, and they will hate you guys who did this to them bc now they are called inbreeders. wow nasty freaks who ever does that is a sick minded freak and needs help quick.

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