Herman Cain is a really big idiot.
my girlfriend is a gumiho pictures

Herman Cain’s bigotry is “absolutely, totally different” than KKK bigotry according to Herman Cain.

Thank you, Herman Cain for proving that money cannot buy you a big brain.

See. Sharia Law is different from the 10 Commandments, The Torah, the Letter of the Law and the Spirit of the Law because Sharia is Muslimy and attempts to supercede the laws of government, and Christians NEVER EVER EVER try to impose their religious nut stuff on America.  So it’s totally different.  Not discrimination but the exact opposite of bigotry and that’s how a Republican brain works.

Ha!  Boobs!

And haboobs are pissing off Arizona because its evidence of Islamic infiltration of Arizona.



44 thoughts on “Haboobies and DiaSharia of the Mouth

  1. False advertising! You said we’d get something about BOOBS, and all we get is Herman Cain!
    Oh, wait, now I understand…..
    Seriously, trying to understand this guy’s interpretation of Sharia law just leaves me screaming at the TV. Then again, so much of the nattering coming from the right these days leaves me screaming at the TV.
    That’s why I get my news from the Net. It’s easier on my throat!

  2. Way off-topic post, News Flash – A powerful bomb has gone off in Oslo, with unconfirmed reports of as many as 7 dead and 15 wounded, in connection with a shooting at a youth camp that has killed at least 2 more. Check any of the new sites (I use CNN.com, BBC.CO.UK, ABC.NET.AU, CBC.CA) for details as they become available.

  3. It’s more than time that we purge our world from these horrible arabic numbers. Roman numbers work just fine. Who really wants to write 1989 instead of MCMLXXXIX? It’s more than time than the basketball team the 76ers become the LXXVIers. The football team the 49ers the XLIXers. Now is the time!

  4. Also, let’s purge these arabic words!

    Let’s call oranges “freedom fruits”, lemons “bitter freedom fruits”, chess “low-fi World of Warcraft”, assassin “second amendment leader”, algorithm “the reason why I am still a virgin”.

  5. > “How do they think our soldiers feel coming back to Arizona and hearing some Middle Eastern term?”

    Ummm….well, if they were stationed there for more than a year, I’d guess they’d feel “at home” — possibly start yearing for better hummus than you can get in Phoenix..

    But perhaps I’m being overly snarky there.

    A better question might be: “What the hell are we doing that’s making the weather in Arizona behave like it’s the middle of Saudi Arabia?” But of course the obvious answer to that is “voting for teh ghey in New York.”

    > “…our dust is mixed with the whoop of the Indian’s dance…”

    Do the Indians know this? And why am I now thinking of this?

  6. “I don’t know if Herman Cain is just a sick individual, or if he is using bigotry to strategically move his campaign forward,” [Representative] Ellison continued.

    Is there actually a difference?

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          I’m sorry, what are we talking about again? Track shoes? I usually just buy whatever’s on the two-fer rack down to the Thom McCann.

          • Thanks, Owhole1, though I had an idea what an outsole was from the context. just never heard that term before. Then again, when English WASN’T the first language of our gym-shoe spammer, I guess “outsole” is the least of the abuses to the English language.
            I suppose I could use help with slippage, being stoned most of the time. Then again, I barefoot it a lot, so short of gluing things on my feet (on purpose – accidentally, been there MANY times), I’m stuck with battered leather, or whatever you call badly abused 40+ year-old skin.
            Topics? We don’t need no stinkin’ topics! We just wander wherever the Spam takes us! 😀

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