Traders Bet on Death
ht Dan

So, 4,000 anarchists and anti-capitalists rally in London to protest the G-20 Summit.   Given the global financial crisis, I expected this lot to be in fine form, and they were.  And above is the ultimate money shot: smashing in the windows of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Great photography, poetic content, but I like my protests peaceful.

The business class have hung their suits and donned casual attire for the G-20 spectacle.  They have no interest in drawing attention to themselves.

Good call.

And while rebels with a cause wreak havoc at the bank, traders watch from a restaurant several stories up.

They’re pissed off that only 15 arrests have been made.

You see, traders have bet on the number of arrests, deaths, and injuries by horse charges.


The quoted spread on Bloomberg is 130-140 arrests.

There’s a lot of money to made if arrests exceed 150.

And not to get all erudite, but T.S. Eliot, hello.

Zero percent interest in humanity.  At those rates, no wonder they draw this ire.


8 thoughts on “My Money’s on Human Suffering

  1. What’s really discouraging to me is that despite the fact that I didn’t know that there were betting lines on such things, upon reading this I’m not even the least bit surprised.

    • Remember that comedy, Rat Race? I think the reason I laughed so hard was because John Cleese and Company seemed so completely absurd and out of the realm of what people do.

      Joke’s on me.

  2. Great post, Melissa, and thanks for high-lighting where the main priorities of the “money changers” are and always have been. Hope your week is unwinding as you would like. Have a wonderful day.

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