An obviously insane German woman divorced her husband on the grounds of him being too neat.


The wife says she was quite fed up with his 15 years of obsessive chore doing.  Plus, rearranging the furniture.

What a dick, right?  Geez.

The last straw came when Mr. Clean knocked down and rebuilt a wall in their home when it got dirty.

He remodels, too?

Okay, dirty girls, go get him.


7 thoughts on “Marriage Scrubbed Because Hubby Too Tidy

  1. OMG! I wonder how she stayed with him as long as she did??? 15 years of putting up with a man that cleans, etc.? The woman is a saint!

  2. With all the other major issues a women may have to contend with with a prospective partner, she’s upset because he cleans–shaking my head and wondering why she simply wouldn’t share his passion, have lots of dirty *** and help each other clean up afterwards.

    Hi Melissa,
    Just being silly…have a safe and wonderful weekend.

  3. If he scrubbed the bathroom several times a week, I could have given her a break and borrowed him sometimes. All she needed was a break and a good friend like me. Now I’ve missed my chance. 😦

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