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more about “Killer News Teases“, posted with vodpod

The “tease” in news is that 15 or 20 seconds just before a commercial break. A tease I took particular pleasure in writing was for an anchor who thought he didn’t have to read scripts before going on the air. The story was about Bush’s gutting the Clean Air Act with the “Clear Skies Initiative,” and it went something like: “The Bush Administration finds a brand new way to pollute! There’s more to come!”

Jon Stewart takes umbrage with the highly overused, but fairly scary news tease dealing with things that might kill you. Typically these read: “If you don’t hear this next story, you might die.”



7 thoughts on “Killer News Teases

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  2. That’s exactly how I feel about those!
    Yesterday it was: “Find out which potentially deadly food you need to avoid … AFTER THE BREAK!’

    That was the pistachio nut tease — good thing I wasn’t eating any during the break! I’d have HATED to die before I found that out! 🙂

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