Rachel Maddow talks to Jonathan Turley about the sustained pressure on the Obama administration to prosecute the Bush administration for war crimes.  Congress is where principles go to die according to Turley.  Obama, Biden, and Holder have all put forth the idea that care needs to be taken in assessing very bad policies versus actual crimes.  Yet, Bush has admitted we waterboarded.  A republican judge has discussed the treatment of prisoners in U.S. custody as torture.  Holder has said waterboarding is torture. The inferences are inescapable.

Keith Olbermann addresses Obama on the subject of prosecuting torturers in this Special Comment:


2 thoughts on “Torture Not Going Away Quietly

  1. I don’t think Bush and Cheney’s war crimes will be prosecuted. Sadly, its another thing that our Jesus walk on water guy can’t/won’t do. It’s politics. Innit. 😦

  2. I don’t know, Steady. Regular old English has ’em in a pickle.

    Waterboarding = Torture
    Torture = War Crime
    Therefore, Waterboarding = War Crime

    Fingers crossed that justice for all, really means all.

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