The Associated Press reports that vice president Dick Cheney hurt his back while moving boxes.

Pfffft.  Whatever.  More likely he sustained the injury while trying to lift his man-size safe.

Cheney will attend today’s inauguration in a wheel chair.

Other theories…Cheneyborg 5000 is winding down or God smote his mean ass.


5 thoughts on “God Smites Dick Cheney

  1. Bach has never looked so good!

    And dude, I can’t help it. He’s mean, and he quacks like Burgess Meridith playing the penguin. I’m just saying…

  2. It’s a fake. There is nothing wrong w/ Darth’s back. It’s an expression of disrespect. He just wanted to stay on his keester rather than have to stand, respectfully, before the new president. Cynical and rotten to the end.

    I can haz war crimes trials, plz?

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