There may be another Republican gay sex scandal brewing.  A bit redundant I know since if Republicans are having sex it’s gay and scandalous.  This one will yank the gay-hating, death-loving, sex toy-banning State Attorney General Troy King from the closet.  AL.COM message boards are buzzing with the story.  Sifting through it all, it sounds as if Mrs. King caught her husband in the act with a male aide.  Here are accounts from the blogosphere:

Locust Fork Journal

Left in Alabama

The Daily Dixie

Loretta Nall

Pam’s House Blend

The Daily Kos

Thomason Tracts

Commonsense at Left in Alabama also says:

Sources at the Montgomery Advertiser say that they have been sitting on the story for a couple of weeks.  They’re working the story fast and furiously but won’t run until they get official confirmation due to possible exposure to a lawsuit from King.  Their sources tell them that Troy King was caught in a compromising situation with a male aide at King’s home by his wife.  The Montgomery Advertiser is trying to determine who King would submit his resignation to – is it Gov. Bob Riley?  A press release from King’s office stated that he was supposed to be in Mobile yesterday (Wednesday).  The Mobile-Register is working the story as well.”

Updated: This man, J.W. Godwin fits the name and profile of Troy King’s male aide:

Troy Homecoming King, J.W. Godwin

Troy Homecoming King, J.W. Godwin

7 thoughts on “A Gay Republican Sex Scandal Looming

  1. Sorry, King’s on the left. The other guy receiving the award is Investigator Ron Boles from Prattville, Alabama.

  2. Wonkette says the other man in Troy King’s life may be the Homecoming KING from TROY University…rather poetic.

  3. The” family values” are so rampant in this party.
    When they take the moral high road,with focus on the family,Dobson. All the closet folk come a callin~

  4. I saw a little aphorism, yesterday…when they start telling you how Christian they are….RUN!!!!!! I think the same thing applies to the cultish family values mantra.

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