Inauguration Day
Watch Inauguration Live

OMG!  Less than an hour away…Tom Brokaw and Bri-Wi are blasting in from the family room.  They’re narrating the motorcade like it’s a freakin’ Macy’s Day parade.

I read over Lincoln’s 2nd Inauguration last night.  Good times.  Fifty thousand people fill the streets of D.C.  A drunken VP takes the oath and goes over his time speaking.  It was rainy, cold.  When Johnson finally zipped it and the ceremony moved in front of the capitol, the clouds parted…the sun shined!  Lincoln viewed it as an auspicious omen.


5 thoughts on “Pre-Inauguration Show

  1. I forgot to mention earlier — but this Blingee just SOOOO speaks to me!!
    The kitten in the hammock is genius!

    writechic: I was thinking I needed more bubbles…IDK?

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