Afghanistan was super hard. Let's go home.

So, what are yall up to?

I’m listening to a capital murder trial with a super pissed-off Nancy Grace and waiting for the President’s speech while simultaneously running the front office of Andy’s Motel in Panama City Beach, Florida’s most beautiful coast.

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Shit. I just remembered that 0whole1 told me something important to do on the page, and I forget what.

Okay.  Nation-building here in America.  It’s about fucking time.  Discuss.

Or. Do what you usually do on a Wednesday night, and I’ll talk to myself. 😀

The way Obama says Taliban bugs.

Booooo, I forgot to hit publish!!!

All I heard is blah, blah, blah and Afghanistan is over.


51 thoughts on “Liveblogging Obama’s Speechificating on a Hot Summer Night

  1. Doesn’t Afghanistan looks more and more like Vietnam?

    And isn’t it weird that the main architect of the Vietnam surge, Kissinger, and the one of Afghanistan, Obama, both won the Nobel Peace prize?

    • It was hard to dig up…I guess no one gives much of a fuck about Afghanistan deaths…beyond U.S. troop deaths, but one site I found quotes sources and the total body count is around 20,000. In Vietnam, 50,000 Americans died and as many as 2 million Vietnamese deaths (according to a PBS documentary I saw 10 years ago).

      So, it’s an eerie coincidence re the Peace Prize, but the cost of human life was a LOT greater in Vietnam.

      • Omg, that was so adorable. I think I just wanted Obama throw a punch or something after hearing the court tv ladies on headline news. They’re like in permanent mega-PMS mode bitching out criminals.

  2. Instead of USA, it should be WAU: Wars Are US!
    Since I was born; there was the Korean War, Viet Nam War, Grenada, Serbia, the Sudan cluster fuck, Iraq twice, Afghanistan, Libya. This goes list goes back to 1949, and I’m sure there are some that I missed. How could forget the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

  3. I took what I felt to be the best route. I’ll let the BBC give me their superior analysis, while I enjoyed reruns of Top Gear and Frasier. (Betcha those are two shows you never thought you’d see side by side! 😀 ) I gave up on live news conferences decades ago – too much BS, too little fact.
    While I’d rather we hadn’t plunged so recklessly into Afghanistan, I’m equally uncomfortable with a sudden pullout. (Yes, 30k troops in 1.5 years is sudden.) I’d rather see a longer term gradual drawdown, with a heavier investment in infrastructure. No guarantees, but somehow, I think our ersatz government would stand up better if the people were grateful for roads and power lines, rather than being furious at our blowing up the few modern parts of their country, then sticking in an unpopular government and sailing away. But that’s my opinion, for what little it’s worth. 🙂
    Do I still get a dollar if I like the motel, even if there’s about zero chance I’ll ever get there?

  4. Note to self:
    1) Milk the cat. Wait, no — GET milk FOR the cat;
    2) Milk the dog.
    3) Write instructions for how to take advantage of Facebook discount for Andy’s
    4) Milk the gerbil.

    That is all.

    (Thanks for the link, also too. 🙂 )

  5. i would have no problem with bombing nancy grace, and i don’t care if nobody gets congressional permission.

    p.s. i’m not on facebook, but i would like andy’s motel if i was.

    • Applause for not having facebook. It’s a bit of a butt pain. 🙂

      But don’t even worry about. You’ve given so much love to Andy’s over the last year plus! 😆

    • And yeah, Nancy Grace is one cranky bitch. Her show has more commercials than show. True crime stories as tv news aren’t my thing. I’m just creeped out how one story gains popularity over so many other equally tragic ones. But I don’t mind seeing the machinations of a trial every once in while.

      • i love true crime stories, and i love watching trials. i liked the old court tv when they showed entire trials. howevah, i cannot stand nancy grace. she’s a mean bitter bitch and would be much more useful if they lay her down and used her nose as a 2-car garage.

        • 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

          Wow, she’s that bad, eh? I haven’t seen much of her. The lady before her, Jane I-Used-2B-a-Crackhead seems a lot worse. She yells at the camera like her audience is deaf or she wants them to be.

          • i never watch hln, because i can’t stand nancy graceless. once she decides she knows what happened, she never lets facts get in the way. i don’t know who that jane person is, but if you don’t like her, then i don’t either.

            • I don’t know where HLN found those harpies, but I have a remarkable suggestion for HLN. Drop the vindictive harpies and try running something strange and bizarre for a channel called Headline News – NEWS!!! 😀
              Then again, y’all are well accustomed to my bizarre thought patterns…

              • Well, I could say that you’re a chick, and you don’t like ’em, so that’s a failure on their behalf. Or I can just do what I do now – ignore them, and hope they go away.
                That works for me!

                • Well, I have a stick up my butt when it comes to news. I want what’s relevant, I want proper proportion, I want smart, refined people. (Like your BBC guys…only the accent can be off-putting)

          • Good choice for NewsHarpies: a crackhead and an alcoholic who, for the sake of ratings, will crucify anyone accused of a crime. And yet the number of people who give a damn about Casey Anthony and her trial amounts to what? But these two, and their bosses, have been pushing that in our faces for three years as if it were something that actually mattered. There is no worthwhile news on American TV (except for BBC America) anymore. They trivialize trivia and call it news. They avoid real issues and call it news. They burble happily (or harpily) at each other’s hairdos and call it news. They give two minutes an hour to Afghanistan and to analyzing our destructive and self-destructive policies there (and lousy analysis at that) and entire evenings and days to the murder trial of some dame accused of killing her kid (which pretty much happens every day anyway, doncha know?)

            America is like a fucking first grade class full of not-very-bright children and all the adults have left the building.

  6. The Afgan and Nam connection with Nobel is obvious: both require use of extreme amounts of TNT. And on the subject of exploiting dead kids, these people are loathsome. Couldn’t help but notice during the Boulder debacle that in all TV media, network and local, only the PBS News Hour was the only one that did use the preface “beauty queen”.

  7. The speech was Obamashit. He works the middle, trying to please everyone while bowing to the right-wing sociopaths, and ends up alienating everybody but his true believers. He’s getting advice from people mired in delusional politics and egotism and greed. And because of that, because he’s ultimately no different than the people who came before him, thousands of people, American and Afghan and Pakistan, will die while the United States withers in a failed economic system.

    Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

      • Hmmmm… there is that rumor about Alabama girls and politicians…

        Point is neither major party has the will or the guts to deal realistically, rationally, in an evidence-based way, with the problems the nation faces. We keep saying “Better the Democrats than than the current crop of Republican Tea Party,” but I’m not seeing it that way anymore. The Republicans would tear the whole government down today if they could; the Democrats are only willing to fight hard enough to delay the destruction until next week. Fuck whom you will, the roof is coming down anyway.

        • Look, progressive change is slow-going in politics. Ask Socrates. I’m under laboring under the idea that a swarm of gadflies can keep the roof from coming down. Democrats, and politicians in general, aren’t cardboard cut-outs. Some suck. Some are decent. A bunch of rotten apples were discarded last election (blue dogs). A bunch of nuts were voted in (Tea Party)…thanks largely to voter apathy. I see redistricting as a problem for the next time around, but not insurmountable. Things don’t have to turn as badly as you’re forecasting.

          • I think the problem is that the progressives are in a war with the right, and the right has the advantages of clarity, simplicity, and money. They put out clear, simple-minded messages backed by a lot of money to reach clear, if mostly hidden, goals – getting rid of Democrats, gaining power, controlling society, and enriching themselves. The progressives have yet to figure out how to be equally clear in their messages and how to use the power they have when in power to disable the right wing and bring the right back to the real center. The right’s been building their machine for at least four decades. The progressives are still tripping all over themselves. Progressive change may be a slow slog, as you note, but by the time they get fully geared up they’ll need guns, not think tanks.

            A swarm of gadflies can’t be swatted, but if you poison the air they’ll die. The right’s poisoning the air.

            Aside from Soros, who are the millionaires and billionaires on the left who are funding serious progressive attempts to get government back to where it’s supposed to be? The right is focused, their money is focused. The left? Not so much. The left needs to be as hard-assed and cold-blooded as the right. Obama’s no progressive, as much as we wanted to think he was. And he’s no street fighter. Figure out why Rick Perry is getting a look. His posture is that of a street fighter, a stand-up guy, someone who creates emotional resonance in people. Like it or not, people respond to that. Hitler. Mussolini. Others throughout history. Human beings crave that resonance, that emotional heart that can empower reasonable, reasoned action. Progressives don’t offer it. They think speaking to the mind is sufficient. Obama spoke to the heart and the gut during his campaign and then fell on his face. There’s no progressive leadership that unites people. There is fear of what the right will do, is doing, is capable of, but that’s hardly going to carry us far towards ridding the country of their poison. We need a gutter fighter who speaks hope and change and then gets in the ring and gets dirty and bloody. Obama doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. He folds up before the fights begin. And so in the end he leaves us nothing to respond to, nothing to care about, no reason to give a damn about him as a leader, no reason to trust him. And I don’t. Not him, not the Democrats, certainly not the Republicans.

            You’re right. Things don’t have to turn out as badly as I think. But they’re tending that way pretty strongly. But of course, as has been said often throughout history, it can’t happen here, can it…?

          • Let me put it another way. The Democrats have come to a fight in which the other side has brought guns and knives and a serious sociopathic attitude. The Democrats have brought to the fight as their primary, nay, their only weapon the… wait for it… the… the COMFY CUSHION. And maybe some lemonade and petits fours for backup.

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