Georgia Solves Unemployment
georgia pictures

Way to go, Georgia dipshits.

Fruits and vegetables rot in the fields of Georgia because the Peach State was hell bent on running off the Mexicans.  It worked.

Yaaayyyy!!!!  Higher prices at the grocery store!  Stupid fucks.

Georgia is 11,000 field workers short because of institutional bigotry.

So. Georgia legislators.  How was it fucking over your farmers?

Sure we hate all the government welfare for farmers, but we hate expensive food more.

Some of the field worker jobs will be going to jobless people on probation.  Which sounds okay, but this is a deal struck while up shit creek.

The agrarians and drug-users team up. Pffft.  Like that’s gonna last.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

19 thoughts on “Georgia Fucks Up Farmers by Running Off Mexicans

  1. Didn’t another state try this with convicts, and the whole thing blew up in their faces? Or am I just hallucinating again? 😉
    When will these twips learn that the Central American immigrants are NOT taking jobs Americans would? Shoot, in the lily-white northern suburbs of Chicago, the ONLY people willing to work landscaping (primarily corporate park lawn mowing) ARE the Mexicans and their southern kin.
    I’m sorry, I’ll try to stop making sense now.

  2. i wonder how much it will cost the state when their substitute workers get heatstroke and collapse, because they aren’t used to working in the heat for so many hours.

  3. White people haven’t done field work since Stienbeck wrote about it in The Grapes Of Wrath. The big war siphoned off all that labor to factories and shipyards, never to return. The bracero program was put into place. Just 5 years ago W suggested a green card program (actually found a point of agreeement) and his goper minions went fucking balistic: “They broke the law! They’re criminals!” And now those parolees are walking off the job because it’s too hard. A news report today mentioned $9 an hour pay. Back in Texas, that would be considered a high paying job and I am surprised that half the workers haven’t hit the road for Georgia. Even if they did, the state police would turn them back at the border for being Mexican-Americans.

  4. By the way the book about civil war on your left margin made me think about a book I’ve read years ago… “Last letters from Stalingrad”

    If you can get it in some library around… Very interesting… Germans soldiers stuck in the Russian winter, circled by Stalin’s forces, pretty much aware the letter they are writing will be the last one their relatives will ever get…

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