Big Ol’ Diplomacy Fail.

I never expect great things from former President George W. Bush.   Hell, I don’t expect a single string of English words to amount to a sentence if he’s speaking.  But damn.

Moment of silence for peeance freeance.

Particularly classless, Bush’s cootie transfer to former President Bill Clinton’s sleeve poses as a friendly touch!   And do I dare posit that Bush’s contempt for black people runs so deep?

Cough, cough.  Katrina.   Cough, cough.  Hand sanitizing after shaking hands with President Obama.

Doesn’t Texas have brush that needs clearing?  Let’s keep American Dysfunction on the ranch.


14 thoughts on “Prez Bush Thinks Haitians Have Cooties

  1. he’s like a fuckin’ 12-year-old. he can’t control himself. it would have driven him batshit insane to wait until he couldn’t be seen to wipe off his hand. you can see that he doesn’t want to be there, and he’s probably just in the way. next time, let him stay home and use his hand sanitizer as lubricant as he jerks himself off.

  2. I can’t believe he did that. Must be a flashback from the heck-of-a-job he & his crack (head) staff did w Katrina. But if he’s actually a germophobe, he did not have a hard time kissing the Saudi Oil sheiks ass, I mean lips & holding hands at the Crawford ranch.

    Perhaps he just requires oil lubricant?

    Next time he can wear one of those hermetically sealed white suits.

    • Hi, Fran!

      Bush just needs to go post-Nixon on us, just stay out of the spotlight completely. He’s just as unfit for public consumption now as he was during his presidency.

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