♪♪ You love Nancy, you love Nancy, ♪♪ ha ha ha ha ha ha. ♪♪

I know you conservatives think Speaker Nancy Pelosi is personally coming to your home now to abort your unborn children since the reform bill has passed the House.

Killing your Grandma will be left to the President, of course.

Dip shits.

What gems do you have lined up for Senate Reconciliation?  Birth of a Nation projected on the Lincoln Memorial? Maybe some cross-burnings in front of the Washington Monument?  Who fucking calls Rep. John Lewis the N-word in 2010?????

It’s a fact once the Senate passes this and the President signs, it won’t be long until your adult children will be able to stay on your insurance policy until they are 26.

Children will no longer be able to be excluded from coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

Senior citizens will pay less for prescriptions drugs.

Small business will receive a tax credit for the company’s health insurance costs…up to 50%.

And what teabagger-sympathizing Republican is actually going to step us and say, “I have a plan to repeal!  I will allow insurance companies to exclude children, boot young adults from parent’s insurance plans, and raise prescription drug costs for the elderly.”

OMG, your lives suck.

Former Bush speech writer David Frum has never looked more adorable explaining how dumb ya’ll are.

Anyone else creepin’ on Rep. Orange Boehner looking like he’s going to kiss Nancy?  Thank goodness she has the hammer!

I’m creeping on my Frum crush.


22 thoughts on “Speaker Pelosi Rules Your World

  1. Rep. Boner will pay for most of the bill through the sur-tax on fake tans. That’s where all the emotion of his last fit came from. And just what color IS he, anyway?

    • Burnt orange? Sunlit Sienna? I don’t know. 🙂 Looks more like tan-in-a-can than fake and bake though. 😉

  2. poor little david frum! 😥 on the bright side, the ulcers he gets from reading the nasty email and listening to the nasty phone messages from teabaggers will no longer keep him from getting health insurance, even with that pre-existing condition.

  3. Just FYI, to pass on to all the conservative dipshits like the clowns that smashed windows in Democratic offices in a few places over the weekend, section 1312 of the bill guarantees that the same insurance policies available to members of Congress and the Federal government in their exchange will be available to everyone who takes part in the exchange.

    • Simplifying: we get the same stuff the Congress gets. The same stuff the Republican dipshits who don’t care who dies or how many die or how the current systems kills off the economy… oh, fuck all those simple-minded Boehnerites, the Limbites, the Malkinites, and the Beckians, may their hearts explode in their chests, may their bowels rip open and spill on the street, may their brains melt and dribble out their ears, may their families get sick and die and they be forced to watch because their fucking insurance gets canceled.

      I’m sick of their crap.

  4. You have (all) perfectly articulated my every thought on this ‘other side’ ill-informed BULLSHIT!

    Thank you 🙂

  5. Oh my name is John Boner and I’m orange, uh copper. And when I cry my fake tears I use a tablecloth as a sopper. I don’t want the poor to have the same class of health care as me. I’m just a dirty, hypocritical Republican S.O.B. And I have more shit in my brain than in my hopper!

  6. All Together Now! I’m John Boner and yes, my tan is from a can. And I think the orange makes me look like a real man. Yeah, a real man against single-payer. All my cans have put a hole in the ozone layer! Now skin cancer rates will soar, I hope you have insurance-oh, wait you’re poor! HA! HA! I’m just an ignorant old bastard Republi-can!

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