Kingdom of Little People Amusement Park, are you amused?

Sichuanese businessman Chen Ming wanted to do some good in this crazy world.  That’s what gave him the idea for a weird ass theme park in China.  The Kingdom of Little People  in Yunnan province means to attract Americans and European tourists who don’t understand the Chinese.

And this is gonna clear everything up?  Like we don’t know about exploitation for profit?  Pshaw.  We practically invented it!

For about $12 (USD) park patrons can see a host of little people guardian angels, a fantasy world with a monarch, an army, a health department, and a foreign ministry.  But the owner of the establishment suggests the parody of Swan Lake performed by his employees is the highlight.

Workers may be no taller than 51 inches (130 cms), and they have to pretend to live in a miniature hilltop village of crooked little houses.




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