Veronica and Eric

Veronica and Eric

The donations for Eric De La Cruz”s heart transplant are nearing the $3,500 mark.  That’s 2% of the $150 thousand needed just for him to be put on the list.   The actual surgery is $750,000!  Raising that much money just doesn’t even seem possible, but I was encouraged to see Rachel Sklar from the Huffington Post had picked up the story with her “How to Save a Life on Twitter.”

Media normally needs an angle beyond love and compassion to consider something newsworthy.   The fact that “The Expert” is helping with fundraising on Twitter along with Veronica’s efforts on Facebook is the hook.

I know web traffic and interest slows down on the weekend and something magical by way of fundraising could happen, but this is a race against time.

Please Donate.

I plan on starting a fundraising drive here in Panama City Beach, Florida.  My thinking is if folks can afford to be on vacation, they can drop a buck to save a life.


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