One of every 5 American teenagers has sent nekkid or nearly nekkid pictures of themselves via cell phone.

Eek!  Something for moms and dads to add to “the talk!”

Another set of stats says 33% of adolescent males and 25% of adolescent females have sent such pictures.

Beyond the potential social nightmare of the receiver showing everybody, some teens have actually faced child pornography charges.   The law obviously hasn’t caught up with the technology.

Some states are considering lessening the offense to a misdemeanor so teens won’t carry a sex offender label.

Ya think.

Vermont has introduced a bill that would legalise the consensual exchange of graphic images between two 13-to-18-year-olds, although passing on such images would remain a crime.  http://bbc.co.uk

Naturally, most kids have no clue what kind of trouble they can get into “sexting.”


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