John McCain rouses Republicans by mocking Barack Obama’s concern’s about safety in the use of nuclear power:

We talked about nuclear power. Well is has to be safe, environment, blah blah blah.”

The GOPtards go wild.  Nothing bad ever happens with nuclear power plants.  Just ask the people of Chernobyl.  Oh, that’s right, no one lives there anymore.

This seems to be coming from the same douchey vein as McCain’s contemptuous “health of the mother” remark.

8 thoughts on “Another McCain Douchebag Moment

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  2. So do you think the campaign hand selected the Palin-proxy to stand behind McCain? It’s just weird. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Steadycat, McCain’s ego is unchecked and uncheckable, I guess, at this point. He really has a mean streak that’s right up there with the bushies.

  4. I saw on Olbermann’s show last night that it was even weirder than I first thought! Ms. Wannabe Sarah was acting like she was really Sarah Palin and mouthing “thank you” and waving when people applauded for Palin. WEIRD.

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