A jury has found Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) guilty on seven counts for failing to report $250,000 in improper gifts he received from Bill Allen, the disgraced executive of an oil services company.  Stevens treated the conviction as if the jury’s verdict like it was just another attack ad in a political season.  The senator faces a maximum of 35 years in prison, 5 years for each count.

Wonder if he’ll get to vote this election.  He’s not pulling out of the senate race so far.


8 thoughts on “Stevens Adds Felon to His Resume

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  2. His “defense” was a joke. I cannot believe that he expected the jury to be stupid enough to acquit him because he and his wife portrayed themselves as too stupid to realize they were receiving all these gifts.

  3. writechicpress–

    This isn’t a Republican thing, it’s a politician thing. We see this from both sides of the aisle. Many of these people find the power they get quite intoxicating, and they feel above the general public. We’ve seen politicians not know they had to claim income on rental properties, receive property at a fraction of market rate and then fund the donor’s projects, taking bribes and then keeping the cash in the freezer, etc. It’s frankly ridiculous.

    I’d love to see all of our incumbents thrown out. Our congress has become the posterchild of corruption. Stevens is just a shining example.

  4. I’m not just thinking of Stevens’ ski chalet near Anchorage with its remodeled first floor, new garage, a two-tiered wraparound deck, new plumbing and wiring, furniture, a fully-stocked tool cabinet and a Viking gas grill. Really that’s small compared to the millions funneled to GOP buddies of the Bush administration. Halliburton, Black Water, Pat Robertson and other faith-based donations funded by tax payers. I’m thinking of those poison FEMA trailers after Katrina and the maker being a Texas friend of Bush. I don’t think Republicans corner the market on greed and corruption, but damn.

  5. No, the Republicans don’t corner the market on greed, they’re just part of the political mix. For every mishap that a Republican’s made, I’m sure a Democrat’s got one to match. It’s really not very open-minded to try to paint one political party with the color of corruption, unless you can say the other one is really any better. I can’t. I think they’re both colluding beasts trying to lead the sheep constantly to their watering holes. They don’t want issues, they just want “vote for me because I’m not in THAT party”. But both parties are corrupt, and redistribute wealth openly. They can all go.

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