From Politico:

McCain suspends his campaign, and asks to postpone Friday’s debate, to address the financial crisis.

Both candidates have been marginal players; McCain, though, seems to have the potential to make himself a major one, and his move is a mark, most of all, that he doesn’t like the way this campaign is going.

But in terms of the timing of this move: The only thing that’s changed in the last 48 hours is the public polling.”

If McCain can’t do two things at once, I don’t see how that’s Obama’s problem.  This is as cynical a political move as it gets.  Obama’s too polite to say HELL NO.  So it’s wait and see.

From CSPAN Junkie–


7 thoughts on “McCain Wants to Cut and Run from Friday’s Debate

  1. Typyical mccain action,in vietnam he spilled his guts to save his ass, in Keating 5 he cried he made a mistake, all his life he ducks responsibility and now he knows obama will smear him up one side and down the other so he pulls out the flag (white one) and surrenders the debate and if obama doesnt agree he will be painted un american

  2. Obama: “The Debate Is Still On… ‘This Is Exactly The Time When The American People Need To Hear From Their Leaders’… Presidents Are Going To Have To Deal With More Than One Thing At A Time”


  3. From C&L: Chris Matthews just reported that the Debate Commission and Ole Miss have announced that the debate will continue as scheduled. SuveryUSA conducted a lightning-quick poll and found that 90% of Americans believe the debate should go on as scheduled.

  4. His ducking and dodging of the debates did one good thing. It gave me something to feel less depressed about. If this keeps up, I’ll be back to my optimistic self in just a few days. Rah!

    Oh. They will be attending the debate as scheduled?

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