ht The CSPAN Junkie

CSPAN junkies rail against the proposed bailout.  From the informed citizenry:

I’m thinking about the billions that we’ve lost to the military industrial complex, the billions Americans have lost to the oil companies…the billions we’ve lost to the contractors in Iraq.  Now, here they come again with the billions for the bankers, the mortgage lenders , the lawyers, and the accountants.  I mean when does this thing end?  …They’re (the Congress) going to let this guy (Paulson) walk off with this. ..The only reason they (Congress) are giving us this show is because they have to go home and face the voters, but if they had us in mind, we would not be in this position that we’re in.”   –Maryland

“We have to demand hearings!  They have hearing on steroids!  They have hearings about naming a building!  They have the most stupid hearings in the world!  We should not let this go forward unless there are hearings about how this transpired…Paulson was the head of Goldman-Sachs until 2006!  They were in the thick of this!  –Rhode Island

“The haves just want to have more.”  –Georgia


5 thoughts on “Americans Hate the Bailout

  1. I agree, this bailout is a very bad idea! I would rather let these financial giants go bankrupt and let the system flush itself out. More of my opinions on this issue at jwojdylo.wordpress.com

  2. Hey, welcome to wordpress!

    I think what Clinton said about “loaning them money with interest” makes sense…like with AIG. Also a moratorium on foreclosures and rewrites of mortgages in foreclosure. The money and how its spent should be heavily scrutinized and should not be loaned without turning a profit for the government.

  3. No to the bailout.

    No to the Clintons.

    No to rewarding criminals for their crimes.

    We are going to have a financial disaster regardless, there is no reason to give the guys who caused it a trillion dollar “tip”.

  4. We are going to have a financial disaster regardless, there is no reason to give the guys who caused it a trillion dollar “tip”.

    Well put.

  5. They’re gonna shove this up our fiscal pooper sooner or later. We gotta stay very very alert. They’re gonna try to sneak this in real realy soon.

    Wait for them to declare some other huge emergency, maybe the fact that the dow dropped 700… then they’re just say fuck it to all the legislative rules and just ram this through congress….

    what a book end for these fiends…

    horrible…. bush started with that horrible tax cut, and now he’s gonna try and end it with this. 1.35 trillion a year tax cut + .7 trillion give-away = 2 trillion given away to the people who need it the least… thanks bush…

    who is the constituency raking it from Bushenomics?


    One Love, One Struggle,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

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