ht greenschair42

Katie Couric asks Sarah Palin about examples of McCain “pushing for regulation.”  The VP nominee answers as if she forgot her homework…


5 thoughts on “The Moose Ate Sarah Palin’s Homework

  1. Sarah wants out of the debate and McCain wants out of the debate. Are these people insane? What? They can’t multi-task? Yes, the moose again ate Sarah Palin’s homework AGAIN. They both need to go hide under a rock until the election. They are dropping like a stone in water in the polls so I guess we don’t have to hear their stupidity for much longer.

  2. Hey, Mitch. This is uber-nutty. How on earth is the VP debate being postponed relevant to what’s at hand? A compromise will likely be reached by then!

    And tell me, wouldn’t have you committed to memory everything McCain-Regulation related before an interview? The Googles are out there. It’s not that hard to arm yourself with information. Even George Bush could have handled that question. McCain supported Sarbanes-Oxley.

  3. You’ve got to watch Palin tonight on CBS, Redeye. I’ve been perusing the clips, and wow. She’s in WAY over her head.

  4. I will force myself to watch and listen tonight writchic. Is it just me or does Sarah’s voice grate on your nerves? She reminds me of Edith Bunker when she talks.


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