"You mother fuckers said you'd leave Medicare alone."

Poor people are used to taking it in the butt from Republicans, but senior citizens were safe.  They should be.  They’re a big chunk of the Republican base.

The Congressional Budget Office reviewed the latest Republican proposal finding it would “increase health care costs for the poor and elderly in the future.”

It’s gonna suck huge in West Virginia, too.

This post brought to you by Black Lung disease:

Black Lung is actually on the rise in some Kentucky counties.


22 thoughts on “Bend Over, Old Folks

  1. I’m waiting for it to start rising around here. We can actually buy soft coal for use in our wood-burning furnace, and use a fraction of the charcoal we cook with on the grill. People around here get the stuff in 50-pound bags, a dozen bags at a time, 4 times a winter. Gotta come from somewhere! (That’s when they’re not outside burning anything and everything, including spray paint cans – usually with a cigarette in their mouths. Rednecks – blech!) 😉

    • and i believe that things stuck up people’s asses will not be covered by the block grants for health care that are a part of eddie munst…i mean paul ryan’s budget.

      • Well, if you’re poor, your butt will stay plugged in Alabama. These slimeballs on the state level will find a way to put block grant money in the hands of their friends.

  2. This is really Robin Hood backwards… taking to 99% of the population to give it to big Republican contributors…

  3. Is this related to that Email from a republican prince that promised me a zillion dollars if I would pay the legal fee with my future SS money? Gosh, I could sure use that cash right now! The funny thing about this hyperwealth glee club is they don’t even understand the two great priciples of their very existence, Just ask their relatives: (1) how much are you worth…(2) when you plan on “checkin’ out”.

  4. I’m waiting to see what Sarah the Omnipotent has to say before I know what to say about this topic. Maybe the first shots of the Civil War were at Fort McHenry..Why not … isn’t it a fort found within a body of water?

  5. Maybe the Republicans are betting that the old folks are so racist they will give up their Medicare instead of voting for a black man. The GOP is calling for the investigation of the AARP’s tax exempt status.too. Now they just have to get rid of that messy one person one vote thing.

    • I don’t know about you, but pretty much all of this town I live in could be realistically dialed back to, oh, say 2/3 or 1/2 a person. Most of ’em are pretty brain dead, not to mention drunk most of the time. Maybe we could start an industry, where folks like you (who know what the HECK is going on) could purchase the unused portions of the braindead redneck vote. THAT should raise the Beltway IQ a little. 😀

      • That sounds too much like Cap and Trade. They’ll frame it more like taxpayers deserve more votes than those people sucking off the teat of the government since they have more at stake. Then they’ll base the votes on net worth. Poor person 1 vote, middle class 2 votes, Koch brother 6 billion votes.

    • Almost half of the Mississippi GOP apparently wants to outlaw interracial marriages. Who knows what they’d be willing to give up to get their white sheets and matchbooks back?

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