The mentions are not all-inclusive.

This is nothing close to comprehensive, but it’s staggering:


33 thoughts on “Thanks to Journalists with Courage

  1. I’d have to check, but I believe a journalist from Deutsche Welle news was assaulted, and possibly detained for some time early yesterday. Whether or not, one of the outstanding issues from the whole Egyptian crisis has been an incredible bravery on behalf of the news crews covering the protests. The fact that the crews have been willing to go back in, time after time, even after multiple assaults, gives me some hope that the future of news will not be a bunch of teenage nerds writing inane chatter on the difficulties of getting their Mountain Dew and Doritos. I’m glad to see we have a generation of reporters willing to go in harm’s way to show peoples’ struggles for freedom.

    • I must’ve heard about the ZDF journalist (no doubt mentioned just as “a German journalist”) and wrongly attributed the person to DWTV. It still is a hell of a story. Kinda makes you wonder, knowing Saddam Hussein’s great love of the Nazis, if maybe a few old Gestapo agents found “alternative employment” with Egypt’s state police. Now I really have the heebee-geebies thinking about VP Suleiman as an interim president with no real accountability. I’m beginning to think that maybe a nice, calm, Central American-esque military junta might be a really good alternative right now. At least the army hasn’t pulled out the billy clubs and rubber hoses…..yet.

      • What I saw was a brief blurb on a ticker somewhere – I graze the 4 all-news channels (CNN, HLN, MSNBC, Fox) usually with the sound off. I did check on DWTV’s net page, but they didn’t talk about any of their people in trouble, and the would have if they had a co-respondent go missing. It was probably over on CNN – they only talk about approximately 1/10 of the info that goes by on the ticker. C’est la guerre. I think there’ll be a DWTV report on Saturday – I’ll try to catch it, otherwise I have to wait until Tuesday. (Those leftwing pinko commie bastards on Link TV only show DWTV regularly on Tuesday thru Friday, with occasional random sprinkles on the weekend!) God I miss our old cable in Chicago – we got CBC full-blown news, PLUS their newsmagazine on the weekends. Freakin’ SWEET! 😀

    • Don’t know about their punches, but all the traffic variety I ran across (NOT LITERALLY!) were wonderful. Never got a ticket up there, and I drove over the limit all the time. (Only by about 6-8 mph – I’m crazy, not stupid! 😉 ). The OPP are cool, only had passing (as in walking past) encounters with RCMP. The Ottawa police came closest to being pricks – I asked one where something was in the area, and he gave me attitude. Could’ve been a bad day, or one idiot, I won’t condemn them all. Oddly, for all the time I’ve spent in Hamilton, I never ran into a Hamilton cop. Pity – I LOVE Hamilton! 🙂

      • That ain’t Canadian culture! The Red Green Show – now THAT’s Canadian culture. Anybody who can put gullwing doors on their Plymouth Reliant K-car using duct tape is my hero! 😀

        • Surely, Jean-Philippe, you know of this example of Canada’s greatest cultural contribution? Can ya back me up here? (My computer gets a bit twitchy over on YouTube, It works, it just takes several-second mini-vacations where it COMPLETELY stops responding.)
          I know, of course you can find me a Red Green clip, and stop calling you Shirley. Ba-doom-boom. 😉

            • Oh, Jean-Philippe, ya done me proud! Not quite as perfect as the gullwing K-car, but a VERY close second.
              Think of Red Green as a cross between a Canadian, a redneck/hick, and Tim Taylor from “Tool Time” – at least for the Handyman Corner bit. For the rest, well… hmm… I guess that combo works for the whole show. Bumbling goofs, screwing up but doing at least a little bit of good, and hilarious in their “epic fail” methodology of approaching ANY challenge. If you get the chance, you gotta catch them! (Check your PBS station – you lucky Canadian so-and-sos, you get syndication on Comedy Network and a couple others I don’t remember – check out http://www.RedGreen.com.) Great stuff! 😀

  2. and rushbo, that piece of shit who would piss his pants if anyone threatened him with a papercut, had the gall to dismiss violence against reporters as though it was something to laugh at. that is, until faux news reporters were threatened.

    • I loved the retort today of those anti Obamamama suggestions that we get our butterball kids up and active and laying off grazing on crap. Yea, who better to crtiicize that than an overweight drug addict. As far as the Foxes go, how awkward to be caught up in real news events. Does evil Rupert and his minion Ailes approve? Will this diminish the HypnoToad effect of the spazBeck?? Or maybe just turn all the footage over to Andrew Bitefart and blame it all on loose teenage girls putting out.

    • He’s such a worm. It’s one thing to mock those with opposing political views. That’s fair. But these journalists were being attacked, and he mocked their plight. The it’s all a big joke until after Fox News’ guy and cameraman were beaten. In a good world, Limbaugh would be publicly shunned….

    • Maybe things are calming down, but what a nightmare for people caught up in Egypt’s “prisons.” Torture isn’t just a specialty, it’s routine according to the journalists who ended up being processed. Dumbasses for targeting journalists.

  3. Funny how things turn out when the shoe is on the other foot. 20 years ago I saw Pat Robertson being totally upset about the peacefull church demonstrators getting the treatment from LAPD. The cops were yanking them up from a sit-in, putting a long nightstick under the chin and, grabbing the other end, dragging them off backwards, choking the shit out of them. my feelings on the matter?….Good Morning, Viet Nam!

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