"Me, me, me, me, me, blood libel, me, me, me, me, me." -Sarah Palin

h/t  the lovely Kstreet @ The Fifth Column

Poor, poor Sarah.

The video she released this morning proves she really does live in a vacuum. And the condition of a vacuum…

….which necessarily includes tremendous amounts of sucking

negates the possibility that anything she ever says, does, or sanctions has an effect on the real world in which the rest of us live.

I may believe her. 😯  I mean the more she talks, the more irrelevant she becomes.  Case in point:

Her implementation of “blood libel” when referring to her own persecution means absolutely nothing even though the antisemitic phrase“blood libel,” is Christian code talk for “the Jews are fucking wrecking everything!!!”

Because Sarah would never whip out something so hateful when the injured Congresswoman is Jewish!!

So, back the fuck off, people!!!!

Oh. My. G-d.


53 thoughts on “LEAVE SARAH PALIN ALONE *cry*

  1. I would not have asked for better entertainment than this one this afternoon.. I bet FOX will be ready to pay you big bucks if you go pro-Palin one of these days.. 😉

  2. You have brilliantly caught the most important point of Palin’s latest lament: It’s SO unfair that people are holding HER responsible for the RESULTS of her REPEATED calls for violence against those she doesn’t like.

    The fact that 20 innocent people were shot is UNIMPORTANT compared to the TERRIBLE INJUSTICE done to HER.

    You might want to read a little of the five-part series I just wrote for my own blog (cited above). Or just skip to the last part, where I offer some commonsense advice for trying to prevent similar tragedies.

    I will make it a point to read your columns on a regular basis. Please feel free to let me know of anything that intrigues you.

  3. It’s almost as if the media has painted a surveyor’s symbol on her back.

    You know who she reminds me of right now? Jerry Lundegaard from Fargo, right at the end when he’s wailing like a b*tch, trying to jump out the motel window while the cops got him by the ankles.

  4. Ugh..what a sociopath. Let me get this right, Palin used and will continue to use her free speech right, and not only that she will raise you some anti-semitism. The people that are reprehensible are the ones using their right to free speech to show the advertising Palin made with cosshairs over the woman that was shot. How dare they say what she did! Oh yeah, and all that gun talk is about voting, unless she is on her tv show shooting a gun with her daughter and saying ‘Don’t retreat, reload”.

  5. this should have been so simple, so it shows you how tone deaf and how self-centered this moron is. she could have said simply said that she’s praying for the victims, she’ll be more careful about her language in the future, and this is not about her, it’s about the victims. instead, she made it all about her. while her shrinking group of adorers may wring their hankies over what they perceive to be mistreatment of their idol, most americans will see her for the self-centered petty asswipe she is.

        • She missed an opportunity. Extreme situations can give someone the chance to rise up and be something different, something better. That’s sad if they’re incapable.

          • Exactly, writechic! The problem here is that she’s nuts and not fit for any office in this country — and too much of the nation is stepping over that fact as if it were a turd on the sidewalk. Let her have her own reality show – let her join the ranks of the publicity craving nincompoops — but let’s all finally say NO to Sarah as someone who has something good to contribute to society.

            • You know, sds, I feel a little foolish that I hoped she might seize the opportunity to be a little better. But with all of the crap in the world, I want to be surprised sometimes.

  6. After waiting in sislence for five days, this is the best she can come up with (me me me me me me me). HOW DARE THOSE PEOPLE SHOT AND KILLED DO THIS TO HER! It’s about time she cuts the crap and settle down to what she is qualified to do, like be the spokeswoman for Regressive Insurance.

  7. And did you read Beck’s warning to her to get “protection” for her family because if she’s gone, there goes the “republic”??! Tinfoil hats all around.

  8. Quite the contrast between to appearances on Wednesday. One by video, the other to a large live audience, one with live coverage, the other through a social network and one news agency. One about life, one focusing on self … and the list can go on.

  9. I’m having troubles explaining her to my friends overseas. The common question seems to be “Why don’t you just ignore her, and let her go away?” I’m digging frantically, and can’t find a good answer, although I think it might have something to do with the average American’s outlook on the world (contra-sensical as it may be). You know, ideas that are commonly accepted even though they are patently wrong – like WW2 started when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. (Yes, I typed that the way I meant!) My best answer is she’s a mutant plant that lives off the emissions of TV cameras. If we could only shut them off for a few hours, she’d wither and disappear. If only…..

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