ht Max and the Marginalized

I’m still laughing!

Crooks and Liars dot com‘s John Amato takes his cues from Chris Crocker and pleads we all leave Rush Limbaugh alone.

It’s hard being at the top in a vacuum of leadership.


12 thoughts on “John Amato Pleads for Rush Limbaugh

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  2. Maybe we should all play this video for Rush so he’ll know how much we care. I especially liked the part about ‘the sweat dripping down and his hair sticking up’. HA!

  3. Hi Melissa,

    My timing seems to be impeccable, as I usually stop by to check-in on your great blog around the same time–it seems lately–that the discussion is about bush, dick, puss**** and now the “hung like a cocktail frank” remarks–guess it’s not so much that your interesting place is rated XXX as much as my timing. At any rate, off to snoozeville and here’s wishing you a terrific weekend. Safe travels.

  4. Southern Baptist Minister poof-do???? OMG!!!! I am ROLLING!!! Considering that I was raised Southern Baptist, I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from there!!!!

  5. John,

    You really have no clue. Please at least have a CLUE about what you speak before you make such a pround fool of youself.

    I could try to argue, but when virtually EVERYTHING you said was FALSE, I can see you are no person to which one can have rational discourse with.

    Best Regards,

  6. This is funny. Poor Rush. Does he need help carrying his money to the bank. He makes money off of others misery. The lowest way possible. He laughs at all of us every day. We fight amongst ourselves while he smiles and counts his money. Sad little man.

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