My Drunken Valentine

My Drunken Valentine

A couple in Texas makes a pretty tight case for eugenics.

Michael Karl Bell and his date were not so allegedly likkered and drugged up that they thought they could get away with driving.  So, the two hauled their stumbling, bumbling asses on over to a the La Marque City Police Department to ask the boys in blue for a ride home.

Cuz “protect and serve” has a taxi clause?

Bell’s date passed out in the lobby of the station.  And, oops, Bell had some pot in his shoe.

Party girl was taken to the hospital for medical attention, but she’s being cited for public intoxication.

22-year-old Bell was jailed for possession of marijuana.

Galveston County jailer says bond was $2,592.

Doing the math…

  • $3.99 Bottle of Boones Farm Strawberry
  • $15 case of Natty Light (30 cans)
  • $20 (partial sandwich bag o’ weed)
  • $2,592 jail bond
  • $2,630.99 Total cost for Bell and his date

Well, it started out as a cheap date.

The moving picture version of the story:


7 thoughts on “Started Out as a Cheap Date…

  1. This is hilarious — Springdaddy emailed me the YouTube clip of this very thing earlier today (you two are on a serious mind meld!!)

  2. Floppy on the floor girl is also a Momma. That’s right! she made the nights delight, never once thinking her kids can now watch their pathetic Mom on the news. And grab some crotch date-dude was probably thinkin that it was the lobby to a Motel.

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