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I guess Republicans haven’t bottomed out yet.  Tennessee GOP party chairman Chip Saltsman distributed this little gem, made popular by Rush Limbaugh in an oxycontin stupor.

Half the party wondered why people can’t take a little joke and demanded everyone get into the spirit of things.  The other (smarter) half declared their righteous indignation as only those sanctimonious blowhards can.


4 thoughts on “Party of Bigots Just Misunderstood

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  2. Kinda sad it took them two weeks to work up that condemnation … that ‘holiday prank’ went out first on December 13, from what I’ve read …

    I guess it’s not really an outrage unless there’s a soundbite to prove it …


  3. stupid and sophomoric, no matter what it’s genesis. ashamed to think anyone could be influenced by this. however, there’s no lowest floor that bottom-feeders ever reach.

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