Here’s the reality:

Our company has laid off 60% of its employees this week, from executives down to the bottom. The axe fell on us field hands today at noon, via conference call.  I survived the cuts, but two of my best friends did not.”  -letter from a family member

Here’s the hope:

President-elect Barack Obama on Saturday outlined his plan to create 2.5 million jobs in coming years to rebuild roads and bridges and modernize schools while developing alternative energy sources and more efficient cars. “These aren’t just steps to pull ourselves out of this immediate crisis; these are the long-term investments in our economic future that have been ignored for far too long,” Obama said.  –The Huffington Post

The between time threatens economic carnage which translates to a lot of heartache.  An unemployment check is not a living wage.  The Department of Labor does not count the unemployed who are not on the rolls or the under employed.


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