Anna Brown: Dead at age 29

Brace yourself, Republicans!  It’s time for a poorgasm!!!

Anna Brown’s Missouri home was destroyed by a tornado in January 2010.  She relocated, lost her job, couldn’t pay the bills, lost utilities, got her kids taken away, became homeless and then eventually had to reach out for help at St. Mary’s Health Center because she was experiencing extreme pain in her legs.

Her killer doctor killer at St. Mary’s decided she was a broke-ass druggie looking to deprive St. Mary’s of precious pain killers.  The hospital called the police to haul her junkie-ass dying, clot-ridden body out on trespassing charges.

Who is void of dignity in this picture?

Motherfucking OOOOPS!!!

She died minutes later on the floor of a Missouri jail cell.

Time for the Dignity Game!  Circle the people in the above photo whose dignity is in want!

Anna Brown tested for ZERO drugs in her system, according to the coroner.

Fuck you, St. Mary’s and your Dr. Motherfucking Evil whose name has gone unpublished.  I’d LOVE to post his soulless ass here!!

8 thoughts on “St. Mary’s Health Center: Expect Death

  1. Let’s analyze the thinking in the lizard brain…

    She’s black and complaining in the ER. Must be a drug user.

    She’s black and she’s homeless and complaining. Must be a scuzzy slut druggie.

    She’s black and complaining and upsetting the other sick people, especially the white ones. Get the drug-assed bitch out of here.

    She’s black and homeless and a broad. Must be a crack whore. Toss her in a cell to chill for a while.

    And she chilled.

    Too harsh?

    Don’t think so.

    • When you’re right, you’re right. St. Mary’s of the Soulless Fuckheads would have been PAID!!!! to administer health care. Anna Brown had Medicaid. But some demon doctor wanted to play social darwinism.

      The source stories said an ultrasound showed no clots…but the next step is to turn away a woman in pain?? I just cringed watching the police officers jostling and carrying her.

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