Makin' It Worse for Folks in Misery


It was mighty decent of you to strip the transvag-ultrasound-rape-stick-before-the-abortion from your bill.

FFV inbred legislators opted for an alternative, the JUST-FUCKING-LOOK-AT-IT bill:

How about some JUST-FUCKING-LOOK-AT-IT legislation for vasectomies??

Fuck you, Virginia!


13 thoughts on “The Clockwork Orange Vasectomy Bill

  1. When it comes to women these people are psychopaths.

    Perhaps some companion legislation might require all men to undergo transprostate ultrasound exams once a year. And for politicians in Virginia, quarterly.

    I’m having a really hard believing I still live in the United States. I’m thinking Morris Berman had the right idea, moving out of the asylum.

  2. I just assumed you had seen Jon Stewart today as well. Great minds, and all that.
    And Ric, I think we need to take it one step further, and get a compound where the few of us with common sense can stave off the braindead hordes. I’m pretty handy with electrical and plumbing stuff, if that helps! 😀

      • Well, I was talking about the plastic and steel pipe that brings water and takes away GOP rhetoric … er … crap, but obviously YOU have your mind elsewhere, young lady!
        And I DEFINITELY have to re-find the icon I located online last year, which I found for another blog friend as a “Warning: Vag Talk Ahead” sign. You know, for those times when a guy is thoroughly enjoying a post about food, or TV, or something else inconsequential, and BLAM! The conversation takes a left-hook into female reproductive plumbing… I mean … reproductive organs.
        (Dang it, girl, now you got ME doing it! :p 😀 )

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