Officer Rage Clown
pennywise it the clown pictures

The NYPD executed their famous “We’re a buncha pussies” tactical mojo on sleeping protesters in Zuccoti Park last night under the direction of Mayor Bloomberg.

You can see here how totally defiled the park was with herpes and poop once police evicted protesters and their belongings.

On behalf of protesters, the National Lawyers Guild got a little free speech and right to assemble love in the form of a court order first thing Tuesday morning.

Bloomberg is appealing the order before someone steals his billions.

Police went all Fahrenheit 451 (sans flames) destroying more than 5,000 books belonging to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Freedumbz isn’t free, folks.

Update: Returning protesters offer flowers to NYPD. 


14 thoughts on “Officer Rage Clown Occupies Sucking

  1. I haven’t seen a lot of the video from the eviction yet, but the little I have seen, showed an AWFUL lot of force on the side of the police, and an AWFUL lot of compliance and good manners on the side of the Occupiers.
    More will come out in the next few days, I’m sure. These folk KNOW how to trash your opponent via YouTube! 😉

    • I’ve read several sources now saying these coast-to-coast crackdowns were coordinated with the FBI and DHS giving advice. ie. Do it at a time of day when the media and people aren’t watching. Really creepy. Like people opposing inequality are the enemy.

  2. i don’t understand the thinking behind the cops’ actions. do any of the mayors in the towns where protesters have been assaulted think the optics are making them look good? every time i see the cops charging toward unarmed people, i think of kent state, and i get chills wondering if that’s where all this is leading.

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