Yaayy, I've published a short story.


I freelance for a publisher, and the bosses have been prodding me: use Smashwords.

I’ve been all.  Pfft.  Whatever, I’m working. I will suffer and go the traditional route with my fiction stuff.  

And I have a story waiting for acceptance or rejection right now with Tor online magazine.

6 Month turnaround!  Fuck.

Well, I’ve been slammed with work for like a solid month–freaking 7 days a week.  A whiny slave.

Not princessy.

My lack of free time put me in a state.  “I’ve got to do something for myself!”  I could paint, write, something, anything.  Then the boss man made a Smashwords prod again.  So I read up on it.  And I already knew publishing is in a damn tizzy right now.

I learned digital publishing is 30% of the market now.

Damn!  Double dog damn!  I wanna piece of that!  Even point oh, oh, whatever would kill!

So, I’ve submitted Naked Girls in the White Rabbit.  This baby was short-listed with the super awesome Apex Magazine then rejected.

Grrr. I’m competing with the whole damn planet!

I’m partly telling you all this to shamelessly promote the ever living fuck out of me. Think of me as the hillbilly debutante of writers.  But YALL are all bitchin’ writers and communicators, and maybe you’d like your point oh, oh whatever piece. 🙂

Since I love yall, you totally don’t have to pay if’n you wanna check out…and review??…my story.

The coupon code at checkout is: MY79E. The story downloads for Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kindle, or just regular ol’ online reading.  In a couple of weeks, Smashwords will ship my story for availability at Barnes and Noble, Apple, Amazon, and some others I don’t have memorized.  So cool.

Hugs, cookies, hearts, bubbles, kittens, and sunshine to those (0whole1) who wrote (blue collar momma) rockin’ (Royal Everhard–bwah-hahahaha, two chicks named Amanda & Gretta) reviews (the bosses) for me.


27 thoughts on “I said, “Naked.”

    • Thank you, Jean-Philippe!

      And 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

      These reviews came mostly from facebook. Maybe I’m secretly friends with a porn star and don’t know it.

  1. Dude, this review-request is so, like a day ago. I already posted. In fact, I should get extra points for sounding so back flap promo.

    You said “Naked”; I said “back flap”.

  2. Dang it all, woman, NEVER put the word “Naked” in one of your post titles! You side-tracked me from something else I was doing, and I got so flustered I lost my place! 😉
    Great job! I shall check this out forthwith! (Forth, after the other three things I’m doing right now!) 😀

    • You’ll like this story, Frank. Like you, the main character has a pragmatic view but his perceptions are conscientious, creative and caring. It’s the childhood you’ll be glad you never had.

      I wonder what the battle cry of hillbilly debutantes would be? 😀

  3. Actually, I’m the ‘hillbilly debutante’ of writers…it’s the name of my blog, book, and business. But I’ll definitely let you wear the crown every once in a while if you like 😉

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