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Thank God the Oakland Police were on hand to tear gas this disabled American in a wheelchair.

Oakland Police Accomplish what a War zone couldn't.

“Want a piece of the Oakland Police, Mr. Iraq Peace Veteran?”  How ’bout a can o’ tear gas or a rubber bullet to the forehead?  Police accused protesters of throwing M-80’s, but riot police were actually throwing flash grenades…knowingly at wounded people!

I’m waiting for China to reprimand us on our human rights.

The Chief of Police has been planning “Let’s Play Stormtroopers on Their Asses” for a week with the permission of the cowardly Mayor of Oakland.  She got out of town before the festivities.

You can donate to the critically injured Marine you see in the photo by clicking here.   Write “Scott Olsen” in the entry box titled “Special Projects.”  


17 thoughts on “Precious Moments in Police Brutality

  1. So, the crowd threw A bottle and some M-80s, and the cops fired A rubber bullet and several tear gas canisters? Jeez, what would the cops have used if the protesters fired off Nerf darts – a half-dozen 500 lb bombs?
    Overkill has it’s place in the military, but come on!

    • The M-80s aren’t confirmed. I’ve read a lot of conflicting reports, but that video Don has shows clearly….people were trying to help Scott Olsen, and the explosive device was tossed into the middle of the Good Samaritans by an office. Some cops have resigned in protest to the brutality. Occupy Oakland has kicked off for the evening with 4 or 5 helicopters circling overhead. Occupy Wall Street is marching tonight in solidarity with Oakland. If you’re bored you can follow the live updates on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/search/%23occupyoakland

      • I ran across a website a while back, with pictures from (I believe) Washington state when the WTO was there. The riot police looked more like Imperial storm troopers (albeit in black) than cops. I wrote the guy and asked if it was some kind of futuristic live-action roleplay game gang. He informed me it was the city police. My jaw hit the floor!

        • One suspects Joss Whedon is going to play with that meme — how today’s cops look like yesterday’s stormtroopers — in The Avengers, re: Captain America’s perception of his new “now”.

          • Actually, these riot police looked more like the “troops” police from the movie version of “Judge Dredd”. I’ll have to dig for the site – I lost it in my laptop crash.

  2. 2 tours in iraq, and he comes home safely just to be shot by some fucking out-of-control cops? i’m usually on the side of cops, and i cut them a lot of slack. this is completely unforgivable though. to borrow some words of shemar thomas, there is no honor on this.

    • They could take a lesson from the officers in Albany, New York. They weren’t looking for a smash-some-heads sessions. They policed and knew the difference between a real threat and a chance at institutionalized bullying.

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