Haters under the Law
Former Rep. Benjamin Lewis & State Sen. Scott “Aborigine” Beason are legally bigots

Ha, ha, ha!

These Alabama jackasses have been ruled racists by a federal judge.

And the Judge is black!  That really must piss off the bigotards.

Beason recently sponsored the anti-immigrant law that’s terrorizing all Latinos, legal or not.  And he got in trouble for calling black people, “Aborigines.”

Cuz he’s a pencil dick.

Judge Myron Thompson attributed racism to both of these douchebags in his recent ruling in a stupid electronic Bingo case. (TPM).


15 thoughts on “Bigots Declared Legally Bigoted by Awesome Federal Comedy Judge

    • Nothing like putting legislative power in the grimy hands of STUPID. Beason in particular has pretty much made his name synonymous with shit. At a Cullman breakfast of champ peens, he talked about unloading a clip as being effective problem-solving. The good judge showed Beason the power of words. 😀

  1. By God, I think you’ve found one of the last bastions of common sense in Federal government! Of course, you realise these idiots will accept the ruling as a badge of honour. Bigotry is superficial, but stupid is bone-deep. 😉

    • Omg, John, the local nuts are impugning the character of the judge rather than Beason who refers to blacks as aborigines. And they think they’re going to vote Judge Thompson out. He’s an appointee. 🙄

  2. This guy appeared on the same day too, I think:

    A long while back, I think, one of the Balloon Juice commenters mentioned that the real reason that the GOP is destined for kaputs-ville isn’t because their pet economic and military theories have been proven to be so much ka-ka beneath the nation’s feet, but rather because so many of them are complete *ssholes.

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