“We as Choctaws rather chose to suffer and be free, than live under the degrading influence of laws, which our voice could not be heard in their formation. ” —Choctaw Chief George W. Harkins to the American People, 1832

Thats Scott Aborigine Beason
Thats Scott Aborigine Beason

♪♫♬ Where have all the Mexicans gone? ♪♫♬

Before Alabama passed its bigoted law, seeing Latinos around my town was as common as seeing whites, blacks, Asians, and Muslims.  I live in one of the most diverse communities in Alabama.  Great schools and shopping attract people to this area.  The traffic is usually a royal clusterfuck because everybody wants to buy shit here.

Last night I stopped for cheap gas near the Riverchase Gonorrhea Galleria mall.  The station is owned and operated by Latinos.

Awesome customer service!  

Besides paying at least a nickel less for fuel, the clerks are picking out my treats and vices before I get to the counter.  They know me.  I asked the clerk, “How’s business?”  …Mostly as idle chat, but also, this gas station is usually jammed packed from open to close because everybody around here wants cheaper gasoline.  It wasn’t too crowded.

He said, “Terrible.  Since that law, everybody’s gone or hiding.  Nobody comes out unless it’s dark.”

Super sadz.

This morning I made my weekly trip to the grocery store.  This is the second week in row that I found a parking spot right up front.  Usually, the parking lot is jam packed to the back.  Inside, the store is a veritable ghost town.  It’s weird.

And I keep thinking about Alabama’s role in the the Trail of Tears and the Indian Removal Act.  And the recent story about the principal in Jemison, Alabama who ordered all the Mexican kids into the gym, and how many of these elementary school children were crying because they thought they were being deported and another setting where a little black boy asked if he was going to be shipped to Africa.

Bigots are gleeful when they’re terrorizing people.

Total fucking success Bentley and Beason.

The bigots tip their hands quickly.  It starts with opening their mouths.  Then degenerates to bullshit storytelling that amounts to how they are single-handedly supporting 100,000 illegal Mexicans with their personal tax dollars.

Is it funny when bigots shoot themselves in the foot?  Because they have.

Commerce is WAY down.  Like regular ol’ Americans, Latinos, undocumented or not, LOVE to buy shit, too….with the hard won cash they earned in construction, landscaping, and field work.  So, they’re not earning or spending.

Cha-ching. NOT!

That great sucking sound is Alabama’s shrinking tax revenue, shrinking economy.  Farming alone is the state’s biggest money maker with $5-7 billion in revenue and $50 billion in economic impact.  The law comes at harvest time.  And a lot of farmers are talking about giving up.  They don’t have the time or patience to train prisoners and the unemployed.  The harvest is now.

But look how much whiter we are thanks to Bentley and Beason and the rest of the bigots in the Alabama legislature who sold this law to the nuts in our state as an economic boom.


29 thoughts on “Latino Trail of Tears in Alabama

  1. These morons forget that we are all immigrants from another country. My grandparent came from England & Italy, which was back in the late 1800s. My point is that we actually stole the land from the Indians, and you can’t blame them for still not trusting the government and/or anybody else.

    • Yeah, slaughter leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. The Trail of Tears was a murderous undertaking. But the purge is the same. When I first moved to Alabama for college, I was creeped out by all of the Indian names with no Indians. I’d gotten exposure to real Indian nations out West. The creepiness is similar…Latinos conspicuously absent…everywhere.

  2. Maybe the farmers could hire some lawmakers to bring in the crops. A few weeks of backbreaking labor in the fields might do them some good. Yeah, that’ll be the day. Legislators doing an honest day’s labor. Ha!

    Governance by fools. It’s the new normal.

  3. Nice to see ya back!
    I’ve been seeing stories in the various news feeds, talking about labour shortages for farming and home repair after the various hurricanes/storms/floods, since much of the Latino labour force is either leaving or laying low. Just what you need during economic hard times – give your struggling farmers a kick in the nuts!
    Don’t be such a stranger, okay?

    • We lose $130 million in state tax revenue, too, that’s generated from undocumented people buying Alabama goods and services. These jackasses have shrunk our state economy during a mother fucking recession. Maddening.

  4. When a political party goes so deep in xenophobia, it’s up to the voters to sanction this party at the next election.

    The next cycle of elections, from 2012 to the end of Chicken Little’s term in 2014, is a referendum on xenophobia.

    • Alabama’s so assbackward. If I was Hispanic, I’d be outta here. Fearing arrest and the loss of freedom is no way to live. The outlook right now is bleak. It’ll take some profound problem-solving to address the new set issues created.

        • What, stay and risk arrest, risk long term detention in Federal detention camps (prisons), risk your family and kids going hungry or worse because you can’t support them anymore, risk being sent back to a country where your prospects are even worse than all of that, while the idiot Americans try to find ways to codify their racism that doesn’t cost them their fat drenched french fries? Screw that. I’m with Melissa – outta here. Let the lazyass white people who won’t do the work necessary to keep their society fed and running suffer the consequences. Moving on.

          Sooner or later the shitkicker Republicans will get the message that we no longer want to go back to living in the 18th century, or the 12th century, or whatever chrono hellhole they think is heaven for them.

  5. you’d think they’d have learned a lesson from the georgia farmers who sat and watched their crops rot in the field, because there were no workers to pick them. i hope your governor rots along with the crops.

    • Nonnie, you should have heard these assclowns touting the law as a messianic dream for Alabama’s economy. All the unemployed people would suddenly have jobs. The reality, predictably, is very different. Farm hands, field workers have hard won skills that prisoners and city folks do not. And farmers do not have time to train, nor the patience and time to wait for new workers to build stamina. And Georgia was all over the news. The legislators and governor had plenty of time to come up with contingency plan.

    • Er…”learn”? What is this “learn” of which you speak? We do not have this “learn” in RillAmurikka.

      Can you eat “learn”? Wear learn? What aisle might I find the newest selection of “learns” in tha Walmarts?


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