Alienatin' Like it Ain't No Thang
Dick Cheney ain’t got no friends, son.

It wasn’t enough for Demon Emeritus Dick Cheney to celebrate willful moral failure in his new book with his passionate defense of war crimes.  Naw, he went and insulted the only three people who pretend to like him.

  • George Bush-a coward for not pardoning the guy that Cheney got put in prison, Scooter Libby.
  • Colin Powell-a pussy
  • Condi Rice-a cry baby

I guess life is pretty boring after you steal all the money humanly possible from taxpayers and give it to your contractor friends for a bullshit war of aggression.  How do you top instituting torture as policy, indefinite imprisonment without habeas corpus, and invasion of any American’s privacy by whim and will?

That’s why we have to hear about Skinny Dick sinking his dentures into his so-called friends’ asses.  The fucker is bored.

Why doesn’t Dick Cheney ever visit a dentist?


15 thoughts on “No Love from Skinny Dick

  1. i love that he’s not getting the response he wanted. no heads are exploding. it’s more like a couple of pimples getting popped. i hope his sales are as unimpressive as he is.

    • If Dick can’t appreciate the warm fuzzies friends offer, at least you’d think he’s lived long enough to learn they can stop him from looking like such a transparent and evil fool. Ya know? 😉

  2. Cheney should be a lot more careful with Colin Powell. Powell’s bound to have made some mid-rank officer friends during his military days, and there ain’t NOTHING that can ruin your day like a couple of strafing rounds by a pair of A-10s. Colin’s liable to drop a little close air support on Dickey’s …. um … backside! 😉

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