Newsweek is catchin' hell.

One of these things is not like the other….maybe. 😆


29 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Not Easy Being a Big Ol’ Beard

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  2. So, you’re insinuating she’s a big, nasty mass of chin hair with embedded food and stains?
    And no “old goat” comments – Blackjack won’t be amused! 😀
    By the by, welcome back! Nice to see you again. Hope all’s going well on your end of the world.

    • Hey! Don’t smear the good name of Kylie by associating her with these whack-a-doos! (Wish I could figure out my sound problem. Any excuse to watch AND listen to Kylie is always worth it!)

  3. Off topic: Reading the GOP debate live blogging was just painful. Watching it would have been worse, but I was spared since my browser crashed at the very start of it.

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