The people of Norway have my complete respect and admiration.  Terror tests people, and with the smoke still rising and wounds still fresh, the Norwegian cry was, “We will answer violence with more freedom, more democracy.”  That is courage.  That is courage to emulate.

Norway had a person with the soul of a monster living among them.  His hatred fouled his humanity to the extent that he could gather children to him under the guise of protecting them and then murder them.  According to witnesses at camp, some of the children ran to the killer because their innocence could not let them conceive that a protector, a policeman, would be out to destroy them.  For an hour and half these children were hunted and killed, some likely drowned trying to swim away.

Hatred negates the humanity of those who allow themselves to be filled with it.


24 thoughts on “Heart to Norway

  1. Well said, kid, well said!

    I was impressed that, after the incident, polling showed the Norwegians did not want to add the death penalty to their legal code nor increase the maximum sentence available, as opposed to the howls for blood and vengeance in this country after some sick whacko commits an atrocity here, or, as in the case of Casey Anthony, despite her being exonerated by the full legal panoply of Florida, the sick whackos are still screaming for her blood.

    • Thank you, Ric. I guess Norway is what a civil nation looks like. I’m relieved it has a legal caveat for those still considered a danger after the 21 year maximum sentence.

      • Yeah, I understand that a judge has that discretion. I suspect this fellow will never see the outside world again.

        I am curious about how this guy flew so low under the radar. Or so it seems. We’ll probably be hearing how in hindsight there were warning signs, but as in the case of so many shooters here no one took them seriously.

        • I read an article this morning by a woman who was once his friend on FB. She’s horribly ashamed. Their common interest was political party, but the hatred spewing from that clique eventually drove her away.

          Breivik harbors delusions of himself as a Templar Knight no doubt justified by a creepy, murderous god. A free society allows scary people to be scary. He owned a farm which made it possible for him to buy all that fertilizer, and the seller reported his purchase after the bombing.

          Norway certainly has cause to be more vigilant.

  2. I did a post yesterday that said he had possible connections with the EDL and the Tea Party, and also had something to do with that shit head Pam Geller, and her Atlas Shrug bullshit blog.

    • I saw the post in my email, Don, but I don’t have the stomach for it yet. I just saw a report that says Breivik’s sister lives in LA, and he condemns her materialism in his plagiarized manifesto (which excerpts also turn my stomach).

      I had the opportunity to teach Ethics from a multicultural perspective when I lived in Arizona. The internet has fast-tracked cultural mixing and blending, and there’s no turning back. World cultures are all up in each other’s stuff. 🙂

  3. The BBC Morning News carried live (at 6m Eastern when I recorded it) the minute of silence in Oslo. There was no sound other than seagulls. And no one moved even after 60 seconds passed. Truly remarkable.
    The Norwegians are great people. (Don’t let the name fool you, my last name is Swedish.) They are strong, and will come through this horrible event with pride and dignity. My thoughts will be with them.
    (Answering on a borrowed PC, don’t know when I’ll be back up.)

  4. You can never know when crazy will rule the day. I remember watching afternoon TV back in Texas when they broke into programing with the Whitman UT tower massacre. And interviews revealed that David Berkowitz had the ultimate fantasy of going into a disco and machine gunning one to two hundred people.

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