How Whitie Misses the Day of Black Folks Workin' for Free

The Ass Carnival that is American Politics plays on.  (Telegraph)

It’s perfectly humiliating as an American to find this story in international newspapers and no wonder U.S. elections are a spectator sport in other countries.

How much contempt for liberty and equality does a person need to ally himself with this:

“Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African- American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President.”  — From The Family Leader’s Marriage Vow Pledge

Who the fuck is The Family Leader?  What kind of cult fuck dickhead comes up with a name like that?

Well, blow me over with a baby fart.


Focus on the Fucktards Family and Family Research Council.

Oh.  Shoulda known. Hate groups.


42 thoughts on “Family Leader Calls Takebacks on the Awesomeness of Slavery

    • The Republicans ran out of ideas with merit years ago. The cultfuck assclown bigotfaces have rushed in to fill the vacuum. It’s pretty creepy how they’re treated legit in the press.

      • It’s not they ran out of good idea… They have been set aside to take care of the Koch’s special requests… It’s just infortunate we don’t get to see how smart these people can be when they try… because they don’t…

        • It’s not that they’re stupid, j-p, it’s that they’re cynical and greedy and power hungry and fundamentally amoral. They couldn’t have succeeded at the sheer amount of deceit and lies and manipulation they’ve used for at least three decades if they were stupid. They know exactly what they’re doing and they don’t give a damn who they hurt in the process of getting what they want.

  1. Moss has got color…

    Of course the FOTF and the FL simply ignore the fact that families were routinely broken up, with either or both parents liable to be sold separately, or lynched, or beaten to death, or subjected to the most vile punishmentsand yada yada yada.

    Just saw Pawlenty on CNN apparently trying to make the case that gayness is a choice, not biologically determined.

    I am just sick to death of these ignorant, thoughtless, hate-filled, soulless Republicans trashing people, land, and country. They lack decency, intelligence, integrity, and honesty. Republicanism today is a disease and its practitioners are carriers of a plague that will bring this country down into their gutter.

    • GOP1: The economy is in a pivotal, desperate place! What do we do???

      GOP2: Stop abortion! Fight teh gays!!!

      (I saw something like this as a cartoon. Pretty much nails the Republican lack of grounding in anything that resembles reality)

  2. Are these twips any relation to “The Foundation For A Better Life”? I remember when the car brand Infiniti came out with film of water running over rocks, and the media blasted them for commercials that weren’t selling anything. Wonder what those same critics would say about the “Sharing:Pass It On” Afterschool-Special style blurbs?
    Forgive my rambling, I’m so stoned right now that lunch was several peanut butter cups. I’m considering going for some leftover tacos next. Throw in a PBJ, and it’s one of my college Friday night D&D sessions all over again. (Well, you’d have to add a HECK of a lotta cheap, bad beer.)

  3. do they think that they’re hiding their racism cleverly, or do they no longer give a shit about hiding it at all? i’d put my money on the latter. i wonder what herman cain will say when they ask him to sign their pledge.

    • I think it’s one of those sitches where what they think is average ol’ decent American and what actually is average ol’ decent American are on OPPOSITE ends of the spectrum. Herman won’t get the chance to sign the original we-really-fucking-hate-the-gays proclamation. It’s already undergone revision, but you know it can’t be easy on him, arm and arm with folks who think they should own him.

  4. How much contempt for liberty and equality does a person need to ally himself with this

    This is not a unique thought or idea. Such racists as Walter Williams have said the exact same thing:

    “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn’t do, what Jim Crow couldn’t do, what the harshest racism couldn’t do,” Mr. Williams says. “And that is to destroy the black family.”

    No one disputes the intentions of the ignorant elite, simply questioning the results.

    However, I do resonate and applaud the whole Liberty reference. However, it would be refreshing if that liberty theme were expanded in more of the Liberal mindset.

    After all:

    I think we should acknowledge that some welfare programs in the past were not well designed and in some cases did encourage dependency.… As somebody who worked in low-income neighborhoods, I’ve seen it where people weren’t encouraged to work, weren’t encouraged to upgrade their skills, were just getting a check, and over time their motivation started to diminish. And I think even if you’re progressive you’ve got to acknowledge that some of these things have not been well designed.

    He’s prolly racist too, right?

  5. I was reading recently about the building of the railroads in the deep south and surprised to find they did not use slaves because of their value (up to 10Gs) but Irish were used because they were expendable and had no cash value. I’m not saying gopers don’t know the value of human life. The last time I checked, it was still 1640 ReichMarks.

    • Would those be the Reichmarks of around 1929, when 100 million bought a loaf of bread? Or the July, 1945 variant, that were being used as toilet paper by the bombed out people of Berlin?

      • That would be in the era of the Wansee conference> I’m quite aware of the inflation period from my old stamp collection which has many German overprints and hyper inflation issues, one of them is an uncancelled one billion mark stamp. If you want to see the last word in racist Jew baiting, look up a catalog listing of the semi-postals from occupied areas of the Reich.

      • I have some of those over-print stamps somewhere around here. More “miscellaneous paraphernalia” than actual collection – just like the US ration cards and stamps I’ve collected. I’ve seen a lot of the propaganda stuff, including the stuff we made about the Japanese – nowhere near as bad as Nazi stuff, but the kind of thing that would turn most modern folk purple! It’s amazing what people will consume in the name of patriotism.

    • I’m Irish descended. I remember learning about the prejudice against the Irish when I was a teenager. It confirmed: the world is fucking crazy. 😉

      But I keep reminding myself of Solzhenitsyn’s aphorism. The line between good and evil is drawn across every human heart.

      I suppose maybe some of those lines divide the heart into 1/100 and 99/100 parts.

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