Piss for Scott and the money is yours.

Welfare recipients are reduced to the status of Lindsey Lohan in Florida.  Without probable cause the state now demands the piss of poor people…

Hmmm, piss poor.   Maybe Scott needs it the way Cheney needs a newborn tears beverage to stay alive.  Scott has that look.

Or maybe it’s the Republican glee that comes with crushing the souls of those too broke to fight back.

If I had to pee in a cup for Rick Scott for money, I’d pee all over the cup, too, in the lid, on the forms and labels.  Maybe I’d pee in my hand, too, and bring it the fucker making money by seizing my pee and searching for drugs without probably cause.

If they can fuck with my dignity, I’d fuck right back.

Michigan already went down this road and lost.



34 thoughts on “How to Pee in a Cup for Florida Governor Rick Scott

  1. This bastard belongs in prison for defrauding the government.

    There’s going to have to be a breaking point, as these right-wing lunatics have gone way over the fucking cliff.
    Its not the poor people, or the middle classes fault, for the mess we’re in. The blame lays with Bush & Co. with two fucking wars that has bankrupted us. People better start waking up, and quit watching Fox, and listening to the Republican shit heads on the radio.

    • It’s tough to pick which new Republican governor creeps me out more. Rick Scott might even out do Michigan’s governor who has pretty much become a dictator. I can’t believe the people of Florida weren’t just too squeamish to vote for Scott with his fraudent Medicare issues. This fucker dares to demand poor people pee in a cup with the shit he’s pulled??

  2. And isn’t the pee analyzer company a property of Scott’s wife?

    This sleazy p.o.s. has more conflicts of interest than the legs of an octopus with alzheimers.

    If he’s what passes for government in Florida, they should be encouraged to secede. Or be kicked out for being an incompetent state.

    • You know…he went through the motions of putting the company in trust in his wife’s name. Which i don’t know what that means. Who’s her beneficiary…duh. I think I read he sold off his interest, but to who…again with the wife? Then I read Solantic won’t get the contract.

      Here’s a gem:

      “As Florida’s new governor, Scott is now trying to kill off an anti-fraud database that would track the fraudulent distribution of addictive prescription drugs in Florida, over the protestations of law enforcement officials, Republican state lawmakers, and federal drug policy officials.” –Mother Jones

      He’s just not fit for office…or a life without shackles.

  3. I don’t think he does it to crush the poor, it’s just that there is money to be made with pee analysis. The poor are just collatelal damage…

  4. Can anybody post italics, or am I too late to the party? Sorry, busy schmoozing with (hopefully) new neighbors. Dude’s less than 1/2 my age. Youth is truly wasted on the young! 😀
    So what’s next? DNA test to make sure the pee is yours? Retina scan to make sure the DNA is yours? And what happens if you’re on prescription drugs (like me) that, in most simple tests, read as if you’re stoned? (Which I am, but that’s beside the point. 😉 )
    Maybe we need an old French tradition – the guillotine!

      • I was actually considering the guillotine as a remedy for ethics-challenged politicians! You know, so you can spot them on the street and protect yourself…..

  5. Without probable cause the state now demands the piss of poor people…

    I agree with you on this one. Most probably for different reasons though.

    Many many organizations require drug testing and it’ not an infringement upon their rights. Such is the case in Florida. For example, you are not required to take such a test just to live in Florida, only if you wanna receive benefits.

    While I happen to think that we need to seriously curtail our entitlement programs, requiring that folks be drug free doesn’t seem to be the way to go. I wish they would just begin to reduce the amount of money handed out. After all, I suspect that the kids of drug users are the kids most in need of the money anyway.

  6. I have never been a fan of the #1 screening, the pee test. If it’s such a big deal they need to go to the #2 option and take fecal samples. Truth is, you can’t really get to the “bottom” of things until you get into someones shit.

  7. Some people are so intent on cutting benefits and ‘saving money’ they are blind that this will actually be costing them money. Yes, the cost for the test is to be paid by the applicant ( who can’t afford it anyway) BUT, when the test comes back negative the state reimburses the applicant, meaning it is paid by the taxpayer..for every person, every test, whether there is probably cause or not. Basically the governor wrote himself and his pals a check for over a million dollars a month by their companies providing the tests on the taxpayers dime. This isn’t going to save the taxpayer anything, it will cost them more. Didn’t he want to do this to all state employees as well?

  8. KUDOS from this Florida resident!! Let’s go to the mansion and have a pee party all over the not-so-great Scott!!

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